Exploring the Majestic Kalimantan Island, Indonesia

Kalimantan Island

Kalimantan Island

It is time to explore Indonesia. Many of you have already recognized this country. It is famous for its islands, after all. One of them is Kalimantan Island. Another name of this island is Borneo. Indonesia shares it with other nations like Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Kalimantan is known as the third biggest island on this planet. Many tourists call it a Thousand Rivers Isle. No wonder, the island features lots of rivers. Today, it becomes one of the best tourist spots in Indonesia. Why is that?

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Exploring Kalimantan Island

The most recommended destination is Sentarum Lake. It is located in Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan. The locals call it “the magic lake”. Why? During the rainy season, this lake has lots of water. Though, it appears differently during the dry season. The water is low and you can find a forest in it. That means it is a seasonal tourist spot. You can choose either to come in rainy or dry season. Each of them offers a distinct beauty. It also becomes the water source for both human and wild animals.

Next, it is Melawai Beach. The best thing to do is to enjoy a beautiful sunset. This tourist spot is located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. No worries. The location isn’t quite far from the main city. It takes about 7 minutes from Balikpapan. The beach is situated on a small bay, actually. Apart from the sunset, you can enjoy other attractions like Semayang Port, cafes, Babi Island, etc. Once you explore this beach, you can continue your journey to other beautiful spots in Kalimantan Island.

Your next adventure is in Tanjung Puting. Here, you can get closer to famous Orang Utan. It is also possible to feed their babies. This location has been used as conservation. It protects such exotic animal from extinction and numerous threats. In Tanjung Puting, you may find some rangers. Next, there is floating market in Banjarmasin. The name is Muara Kuin. As the name suggests, you may expect local people trading items on their boats.


The other attractions are:


  • Tajuk Bridge
  • Kembang Island
  • Bontang
  • Beras Basah Island
  • Kelam Hill
  • Samarinda Air Bus
  • Mahakam River
  • Loksado
  • Etc.


More about Kalimantan Island

This majestic island is also famous for its tribe. The most recognized one is Dayak Tribe. They have unique customs, traditional clothes, and arts. When it comes to culinary, Kalimantan offers many options. For instance, there is Alu Rice. It is a famous dish in Pontianak. It is savory and tasty. The rice is mixed with numerous meats and broth! Next, there is Peng Hie kwetiau. It is similar to regular kwetiau. Though, it includes crab meat! Isn’t this great?


How to Get There

There are many methods to reach Kalimantan Island. You can either use a ferry or an airplane. Not to mention you can come from any cities. Once you reach the island, you can use local transportation. Since there are many rivers, you may expect river transportation as well. What about accommodations? There are some good hotels, especially in big cities. They come at different facilities and prices.

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