The Majestic and Rare Animal – Sumatran Tiger

sumatran tiger

Sumatran Tiger – This picture take from Handphone on Musi Rawas South Sumatra Forest

Indonesia is the home of majestic animals. Some of famous Indonesia faunas are rhinoceros, orangutans, komodo dragons, etc. Have you ever heard about Sumatran tiger? Well, it’s one of the rarest animals in Indonesia. The status of this animal is critically endangered. A few years ago, there were no more than 500 Sumatran tigers. Their number decreases over time. The government should have done several efforts for the conservation. What threatens their life? The most common threat is the deforestation. They lose their home due to illegal logging. Not to mention they become hunters’ target.

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They Are on the Verge of Extinction

 Many people hunt Sumatran Tiger due to the high prices of tigers’ parts of the body. That means human also becomes a major threat to the animal. Like the name implies, the animal can only be found in Sumatra. What makes them different than other tigers? Their body is smaller than others. Male Sumatran tigers are bigger than the females. When it comes to the color, they are darker than regular tigers. They are indeed a valuable animal. Unfortunately, their number has decreased in the past few years.

The major threat for Sumatran tigers is the bad habitat. What are the others? These include the illegal hunting and the limit of foods. Most of the tigers live in lowlands and rain forests. However, illegal logging or deforestation becomes more threatening recently. Wandering tigers are often get killed by villagers. Who’s to blame? The animals lose their home and they get lost out there. The humans consider them as a threat so they kill the tigers. It’s sad, isn’t it?

If you want to witness such majestic creature, Riau is the best destination. Most of Sumatran tigers are there. Even though the government protects this rare animal, the population seems to decrease over time. There were no more than 200 Sumatran tigers in 2007. Fortunately, WWF and local government of Indonesia have been working together. Their aim is to save the remaining tigers. They work hard to prevent the extinction of Sumatran tigers. Hopefully, they are able to increase the number of Sumatran tigers by the year of 2022.


Saving the Sumatran Tiger

There was an ironic story. Villagers in North Sumatra killed and ate a Sumatran tiger. That was a barbarian act. Local people believed that the meat of such tiger gave them bravery. Unfortunately, these people didn’t give a clear explanation to the police. The only way to prevent the extinction of the tiger is the help of government. There must be a heavy penalty for those who killed protected animals in Indonesia.

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Sumatran tigers become one of the attractions of Sumatra Island. Many tourists come to Sumatra to witness such majestic creature. Due to different issues, Sumatra tigers are endangered. These include illegal logging and hunting. The worst thing is that local people have a terrifying belief. Eating tiger’s meat would give bravery. This is quite wrong. If they keep eating Sumatran tigers, the extinction is inevitable. There will be no more left in the near future. Don’t you think so?

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