Many Options of Lombok Hotels – Let’s Compare Them

Lombok Hotels - Vila Ombak

Lombok Hotels – Vila Ombak

Lombok Island is located near to Bali. It has a similar beauty to its neighbor. That means it’s a worthy vacation destination for everyone. Many tourists visit this island. What makes Lombok popular? Thanks to their unspoiled beaches and nature. Some people love native foods of the island, too. When it comes to accommodations, there are many options of Lombok hotels. All of them are well-maintained. Most of the tourists spend more than a day on the island. In this case, they need to find a good hotel for resting.


Different Lombok Hotels with Different Nuances

For those who look for a luxury place to stay, Vila Ombak is a perfect choice. It’s located in an isolated area. It’s also near to beaches. It’s the best choice for tourists who stay in Gili Trawangan Island. In order to reach the hotel, you can use the speed boat from Kode Bay. Since you are staying at a luxury hotel, you may expect an expensive rate. In fact, it’s more expensive than other hotels in Gili Trawangan Island.  It’s worth the money, though.

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If you aren’t into luxury hotels, you can choose the classic ones. One of them is Senggigi Hotel and Pool Villas. It’s the biggest and oldest hotel in Lombok. Most visitors choose this one due to its romantic value. Many businessmen come here to conduct a meeting, as well. Since it’s situated in a famous tourist area, the hotel becomes a popular place for honeymooners. Tourists are able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach. Not to mention the size of the hotel is quite big.

Another popular option is Puri Mas. It’s suitable for those who look for ethnic nuance and homey atmosphere. It’s a unique hotel. The past name of the hotel was Villa Ratnawati. It’s located in Raya Mangsit Street. If you come from Senggigi, it takes 2 km of driving. Both the services and amenities are outstanding. The rooms are furnished by traditional ornaments. It’s a distinct nuance for tourists. Most of the visitors are foreigners. They want to feel the traditional nuance of Lombok.


Guides to Choose Lombok Hotels

Never sacrifice the comfort. It’s the basic rule. It’s a good idea to spend more money on a hotel. When it comes to a vacation in Lombok, location is the most important aspect. That means you shouldn’t rent a hotel in Gili Trawangan when you spend a vacation on the main island. It’s wrong. Simply put, you need to choose a hotel that is near to your tourist spot. It helps you reach the vacation destination easily from the hotels.

In some cases, you need to think several aspects like parking area, onsite facilities, stars, etc. Don’t forget to inspect the extra fees. Some hotels charge you for the use of the internet while the others provide free internet connection. It’s better to conduct a small research first. A vacation to Lombok Island is quite tempting. Everyone should try it once. Choosing the right hotel is important. You don’t want to waste your money on poor-quality hotels, do you?

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