Medan Tourism Guide for Beginners – Medan Zoo in North Sumatra

Indonesia Tourism – Medan Zoo

Medan Tourism – Medan Zoo

Every day, more visitors come to Indonesia. Foreign tourists have different motivations to visit such country. One of the reasons is Medan tourism. It’s true that Indonesia has many provinces. Each of them has unique tourist spots for visitors. Have you ever visited North Sumatra? It has a famous zoo. The name is Medan zoo. As the name implies, the zoo is situated in Medan city. It’s 11 km away from Brastagi. It’s a new vacation destination in North Sumatra. At the first time, it was located in Kampung Baru. The relocation doesn’t reduce a number of visitors, though. It’s a perfect tourism spot for your family.

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Medan Tourism – The Zoo is Crowded

 A thousand of people come to Medan zoo during holidays. It’s also crowded during weekends. You can meet various people here. Not to mention you can witness more than a hundred animals. The amount increases over time. The most famous creatures are Bengal tigers, Sumatran elephant, Sumatran Tiger, etc. The tigers belong to endangered animals. There are only a few of them left. You can educate your kids about different tropical animals. There’s no other location to see those unique animals, after all. Sumatran tigers are the most valuable fauna in the zoo. So, how can you reach Medan zoo?

You can reach the zoo from Medan city. The best time to visit the zoo is during the weekends. It’s fun to see the animals along with other visitors. There are some foreign tourists as well. Medan zoo becomes a place for recreation and education. Visitors can learn many things about local faunas and floras. It’s situated is Tuntungan district. The size of the zoo is about 30 hectares. No wonder. It can accommodate lots of visitors every day. Due to this reason, Medan zoo becomes a valuable Indonesia tourism. It’s worth a visit. Don’t come alone. You need to bring friends or families.


It’s Getting Better Every Day

The zoo doesn’t only show Sumatran tigers. There are other animals like lions, birds, reptiles, etc. Recently, local government has some problems in retaining the animals. It’s related to the foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits are quite expensive. The animals are prone to health problems. Fortunately, the government has started a long-term project. The aim is to improve the food production both for people and the animals. They start growing more plants and fruit trees. The visitors also play a significant role. The government obtains good income from tourism. It has a positive impact on the animals.

For beginners, here are some tips for Medan tourism. First of all, you need to plan ahead. You must check and read on the internet for some information. These include the schedules and special events of Medan zoo. Not to mention you must browse the admission. Don’t spoil the vacation due to insufficient money. Overall, you need to be prepared. The best time is during summer. Yet, the temperature can be an issue. In this case, you should carry an umbrella and more water. If you bring lots of cash, you can buy some snacks or drinks around the zoo. Have fun!

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