A Mesmerizing Beauty of Seven Colors Lake

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Indonesia destinations-Seven Colors Lake at Bengkulu

Indonesia destinations-Seven Colors Lake at Bengkulu

The holiday is coming. Have you made a plan yet? What about considering Indonesia destinations? Bengkulu can be your start point. People in this province are kind and friendly. Most of them are from Rejang and Javanese race. You are able to enjoy both cultural and tourist attractions here. It’s easy to reach Bengkulu. You can use different transportation options such as by sea, air, and land. If you come from Jakarta, there are regular buses to Bengkulu. There are also domestic ships. In this case, your goal is Baai Harbor. The most recommended transportation is by airship. It’s fast and simple.

Indonesia destinations-Seven Colors Lake at Bengkulu

Indonesia destinations-Seven Colors Lake at Bengkulu


Reaching the Lake

What does Bengkulu offer? It’s just too many to mention. One of the enchanting attractions is Seven Colors Lake. The lake is situated in Rimbo Pangadan. If you come from Muara Aman, you must spend at least 36 km of the trip. No worries. You will enjoy the trip. You can see many residents, hills, and rain forests along the way to this lake. As the name cites, the lake has different colors of hot springs. There are black, yellow, gray, brown, white, red, and blue. All of them are beautiful. There are no other places like this. Your holiday will be unique and different.

As one of the best Indonesia destinations, Seven Colors Lake / Danau Tujuh Warna attract more visitors over time. The big lakes have the size of 50 meters in diameter. The colors are gray, white, blue, and red. The small ones are brown, yellow, and black lakes. Once you reach this location, you may notice the blue lake. It’s the first lake that can be found here. Near to this lake, you can find the red lake. Below, there’s the gray lake. It’s situated down to the cliff. If you walk further, there’s the white lake. It’s the biggest one among others.


Things to Know

A lake vacation is both refreshing and fun. Just because you have a good destination like Seven Colors Lake, doesn’t mean you can overlook the preparation. For instance, you must pack both hot and cool weather clothes. Indonesia has an unpredictable weather, after all. Even during the summer, it can be quite cool around the lake. Warm clothes are your best protection during cold or chilly weather. Don’t forget to wear proper footwear. Remember, you are going to have an adventure around the lake. Flip-flops and sneakers are good choices. First-aid supplies are also recommended. These are useful to deal with minor injuries during the vacation.


The Perfect Time to Visit Bengkulu

 Fortunately, Bengkulu is accessible almost every day. You can visit it anytime. You must pick the perfect time, though. As one of the most famous Indonesia destinations, Seven Colors Lake has many visitors. Another aspect is the season. Spring and summer are the best time to visit Indonesia. The weather is mild and nice. It’s ideal for enjoying numerous activities around the lake. Not to mention it helps you enjoy sightseeing. For further information, you can ask your tour agency. Nesia.id only gives basic information for you.

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