Moringa (Kelor Leaves) and Its Significant Health Benefits

Moringa (Kelor Leaves) and Its Significant Health Benefits

Moringa (Kelor Leaves) and Its Significant Health Benefits

Herbalists have acknowledged the health benefits of moringa. Almost all countries have taken advantage of the leaves. In Indonesia, Moringa is called “Daun Kelor” or Kelor leaves. Not all people recognize the characteristics of it, actually. In terms of species, it belongs to Moringaceae. The height is approximately 8-10 meters and the shape of the leaves is spherical and small. There are many of them within a stalk, though. Next, the color of the flowers is white with some yellow parts. When it comes to function, people often use the leaves either as herbal medicine or vegetables.

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Many Names of Moringa

The fact is people have many names for such leaves. Kelor is quite common in Indonesia, but there are others like clarifier tree, ben-oil tree, drumstick, ma-rum, malunggay, and sajina. That means each nation has a name for it. It is not difficult to recognize the leaves, after all. People only need to learn a bit description of its parts. For example, it is related to the stalk. It is firm and has the color of white. Not to mention the surface is thin and rough.


Health Benefits of Moringa

Here is an imperative question. What are the health benefits of moringa? Well, many answers are available. For example, it retains the health of the skin. The fact is the leaves contain important compounds like anti-fungal, anti-inflammation, and anti-septic. No wonder, it provides good effects to the skin. These include improving the healing ability of the skin, preventing infection, reducing acne inflammation, skin moistening, and aging prevention. Moreover, some scientists use the leaves in cosmetics and perfumes. The purpose is to eradicate skin bacteria that causes bad odor.

The next benefit is to deal with diabetes. The fact is such disease occurs due to sensitivity reduction of insulin hormone. As the result, the amount of glucose in the body improves in a significant manner. Have no worries. The experts say Moringa is able to provide energy to the body without affecting to the glucose. That means the daily intake of the leaves won’t cause or worsen diabetes. What people need to do is to boil several Kelor leaves and drink the water thrice a day for 2 months.

So, are those all? It is said Moringa is also good for the eyes. In fact, it contains more Vitamin A than that of carrots. Not to mention many people take advantage of the leaves to cure several eye diseases. It is an easy treatment, after all. What they need to do is to boil the leaves. Later, they use the water to wash the eyes in a careful manner. If done properly, they are able to eradicate any types of inflammation in the eyes. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory agents.

There was a report, published by Asia Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. It is said the leaves contain beneficial compounds for preventing cancer. These include quercetin antioxidant and amino acid. All of the compounds work together in fighting abnormal cells that cause cancer. Not only the leaves have a great role in preventing cancerous cells, it is also easy to obtain. Overall, it doesn’t need to spend much money on expensive health treatments when it comes to preventing such deadly disease. A regular intake of the leaves is quite recommended.

The next health benefit is related to rheumatics. Here is the thing. Such disease occurs due to a high amount of uric acid in the body. As the results, some joints would get inflamed and swollen. Not to mention it may cause pain in the joints. The simplest solution to deal with such issue is to reduce the uric acid quantity. In this case, Moringa is considered an easy solution. People only need to drink the water of boiled Kelor regularly. It is an efficient and affordable treatment for uric acid, after all.

Moringa Powder

Some people also take advantage of Moringa to cure sprue. It is because the leaves contain a good amount of Vitamin C. The fact is it contain more than that of citrus. So, how can they use it to deal with sprue? First, they need to boil the water. Once it gets cold, they should use it for gargling. The result would be better if they conduct it before sleeping. For a more severe case, it must be done daily.

Another important health benefit of Kelor leaves is to retain the health of brain and nerves. Moringa contains high tryptophan amino acid and protein, so it would provide good nutrients to both nerve and brain. Not to mention it is able to improve serotonin hormones that help people get a better mood. Plus, the leaves contain an antioxidant that is good for thyroid’s health. Simply put, a good mood improves brain’s health. Thus, everyone should never underestimate such herbal remedy.


Some Precautions in Using Moringa

It is true people should take advantage of health benefits of moringa. However, they also need to learn some possible downsides of the leaves. As the precaution, people with allergy and kidney stones should not take Moringa carelessly. It is better to consult with the expert first prior to consuming the leaves. Another precaution is related to pregnancy. Any pregnant women should not consume Kelor water, as it may cause uterine contractions. As the result, the risk of miscarriage becomes higher.

More people become aware of the benefits of Moringa, so they start planting it. The thing is most of them have a little knowledge regarding the cultivation. As for tips, they must move the nursery seed to a new medium once it reaches the height of 30-50 cm. Later, they must water it regularly. The maintenance is not difficult, after all. As long as it gets watered well, the plant would produce good leaves and fruits. In the end, Moringa is a great choice of plant to be included in everyone’s garden. Not only it takes a simple maintenance, but it also gives lots of health benefits to the body. What people need to do is to learn how to cultivate Kelor and how to cook it well. Don’t you think so?


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