Tourism in Indonesia – Mount Putih

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Tourism in Indonesia – Mount Putih is Just as Gorgeous as Ever

What do you know about tourism in indonesia? Since there are many tourist destinations, you can’t decide the best option for you. North Kalimantan is a popular choice for many. You won’t get disappointed visiting this province. It borders directly with East Malaysia. One thing, it’s one of the youngest provinces of Republic of Indonesia. Speaking of tourism, White Mountain is quite popular with tourists. Even foreign people are intrigued with this majestic mountain. It’s located in Bulungan Regency. The other name is Gunung Putih. Actually, it’s a lime mounting. It has become an icon for this region. Today, many tourists come here either to relax.

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Reaching Mount Putih

The mountain is easy to reach. You only need to visit Tanjung Selor gateway in Bulungan. Today, White Mountain becomes the main attraction of Bulungan. It has a natural beauty. A small riverside also makes it more interesting to visit. Once you reach the entrance, the challenge begins. You must go through stairs in order reach the peak of the mountain. It’s indeed very suitable for hikers. There’s the mountain terrace from where you can rest. From here, you can enjoy natural views. It’s a perfect place for lounging. The peak of the mountain is populated by hikers. You can meet many people there.

Mount Putih - tourism in indonesia

Mount Putih – tourism in indonesia

Gunung Putih is a famous tourism in Indonesia. Aside from the peak of the mountain, there’s another favorite location. It’s the underground cavern situated behind the mountain hills. You can reach it from the mountain terrace. It takes about 13 minutes. The road around this place is indeed quite beautiful. It’s untouched by people. Don’t forget to visit the cave. However, you can’t enter the cave. The local government is trying to explore this cave further. It isn’t open for public. Not to mention it’s still under repair. You can hear the shallow voice from the distance. There’s an adventure ahead. Though, you can’t enter it further.


Hiking in a Safely Manner

Hiking is a good outdoor activity. White Mountain becomes a nice destination to do such thing. If you are going to visit Bulungan Regency for hiking, you should make some preparations. First of all, check the weather. You must ensure to make plans properly. Before visiting Gunung Putih, it’s recommended to check the information from the internet. You can even talk to a park ranger about the weather. For sure, you won’t go during big storms. Don’t forget to take a rain check, as well.

Apart from the weather, there you must pack essentials. As a hiker, you need to make a preparation prior to visiting White Mountain. For instance, you must have navigation. A compass and map are the basics. A GPS is a better option. Sun protection also becomes an important essential. Even during a cold day, you can get burnt by UV exposure. It will be worse when you are reaching the peak of Gunung Putih. Overall, North Kalimantan never disappoints you. White Mountain is only a part of tourism in Indonesia. You can explore more tourist destinations in this province.

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