Visiting a Mysterious Forest in Banyuwangi – Alas Purwo

Alas Purwo

Welcome to Alas Purwo National Park

Nature tourism offers both serenity and mystery. There is a cryptic forest in Banyuwangi, East Java. The name is Alas Purwo. It is situated in Brawijaya Street 20. It belongs to Tegaldlimo District. The forest features thick trees and secretive nuance. The locals recognize it as a sacred, but beautiful place. Today, it attracts many visitors from other cities. They want to witness reminisces of Majapahit culture in that location. It holds a worthy history, as well. According to the story, Alas Purwo was part of Majapahit Kingdom.

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The Nuance in Alas Purwo

Once you reach the location, you can find a majestic Hindu Temple. The locals call it Giri Selaka Temple. It was found in 1967 by people in Tegaldlimo. The thing is they found the temple accidentally during farming. Despite its age, the temple remains durable and strong. It is surrounded by big and dense trees. In front of the temple, there are several ornaments. Those emit a mystical ambiance. No wonder, some visitors give a prayer as they want to look for blessings. Though, the others take advantage of the nature as their photography objects.


Exploring Alas Purwo

The best attraction is definitely the temple. However, you can do other things as well. For example, you can learn a story behind it. Therefore, make sure to come with a tour guide. He or she will help you dig information from the locals. The rumor has it. The forest was used as a portal to another dimension. In the past, people called it Purwa Kala. According to the legend, many mystical creatures often entered human realm and gave bad influence to people.

Alas Purwo

Bulls at Alas Purwo National Park

Apart from the temple, there is Sadengan Savana. In fact, it is one of the best attractions in Alas Purwo. As the name suggests, it features a vast field with animals. That means visitors may expect several wild animals like bulls, boars, deer, etc. Not to mention there are several types of birds, as well. For the best experience, it is better to visit it either in the morning or afternoon. At these times, the animals come to the savanna for eating and playing.

Another interesting attraction is the ecotourism area. It features mangroves and other types of trees. The name of this location is Bedul ecotourism. In fact, it is the widest in Java Island. No wonder, many tourists enjoy their time there. Are you interested? You can even rent a boat and explore it thoroughly. Make sure to carry some money. You are going to use it for buying snacks and bottled water.


How to Get to Alas Purwo

The location is in the southeast part of East Java. From Banyuwangi, it takes about 4 hours. It can be faster if you come with a car. Alas Purwo is easy to reach, after all. If you look for a simpler navigation, you can hire a driver. Hiring a tour agent is recommended, too. They can take care of your trip and accommodations. For those who are looking for a hotel, there is a good choice near to such tourist attraction. The name is G-Land Surf and Resort.


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