A Mystical Tour in Tana Toraja

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tana toraja

Tana Toraja

Some people consider Tana Toraja as a mystical place. However, tourists can do great things in this regency. It’s suitable for those who want to get new experiences. Beginners have some difficulties, though. They don’t have enough information about Tana Toraja. At least, they need to know their options. Lemo is the first thing to visit. Not all people love this scary place. There are dead bodies on the walls of the cliff. They are buried in those tombs. Among those tombs, you can see tau-tau statues. These are built merely for local nobles. What’s next?

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Creepy Burial Sites in Tana Toraja

If Lemo isn’t good enough, there’s Londa. It’s also a burial ground of people in Toraja. You can find two sites of the funeral here. The first one is quite similar to those of Lemo. The second burial site includes 2 caves. The corpses are buried within these caves. The best part is that tourists are allowed to enter the caves. Still, there are many bones around. An adventure in these caves isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Visitors can use their phone as the torch. In order to reach Londa, you can come from Rantepao. It takes 20 minutes of driving.

Next, there’s Bori Parinding. It’s also a unique funeral site in Tana Toraja. It represents a megalithic style. Actually, Bori Parinding isn’t only a burial site. It’s also a ceremonial ground. From the main road, visitors can clearly see the ceremonial ground. There are more than a hundred stone pillars nearby. What are these menhirs? These are the representations of dead nobles. If you come to the site, you can find a modern cemetery. It’s also worth a visit. As mentioned earlier, Bori Parinding also becomes a place for rituals and ceremonies. If you are lucky, you can enjoy them.

Kambira is your next destination. It’s one of the best funeral sites in Tana Toraja. Kambira is a village. It’s famous for its tree graves. Dead babies are entombed in the trees. This unique practice has been done since a half of century ago. Why do Torajans apply this burial ritual? They believe that infants who die before having milk teeth are sacred. They need to keep these pure spirits well. They wrap the corpse in palm leaves and put them in a hole of a trunk.


Visiting Beautiful Villages in Tana Toraja

Is Tana Toraja only about burial? No, it’s not. There are beautiful villages in Toraja. It’s suitable for those who want to relax. For instance, there’s Ke’te Kesu’. Since it’s quite famous, it has attracted more visitors recently. The age of the village is over 300 years old. It shows great traditions and unique local structures. The buildings are decorated beautifully. The most dominant colors are black, yellow, red, and white.

Another great place to visit is Sillanan. It’s also a traditional village in Tana Toraja. Once you reach Sillanan, you can see houses, granaries, and Tongkonan. All of them are beautiful. Each of the houses displays buffalo horns. What a unique view! In order to reach Sillanan, you can go to Rantepao. It’s indeed a great place to spend a vacation. Some people don’t want to experience a creepy tour, tough. Tana Toraja is suitable for those who love a distinct adventure. So, are you going now?

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