A New Wonder in Lampung – the Laguna Beach

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travel advice Indonesia - Laguna Beach Lampung

travel advice Indonesia – Laguna Beach Lampung (picture from http://malahayati.ac.id/)

Many tourists need a travel advice Indonesia. Why? It’s because they don’t have enough information about this country. For example, they can’t decide what province to visit. In this case, Lampung can be a good choice. It’s situated on the south part of Sumatra. There are different races in this province including Balinese, Javanese, Ulun Lampung, and many others. There are many immigrants here. Visitors also often come to Lampung for a vacation. The province provides lots of interesting places for tourists. One of them is Laguna Helau. It’s actually a beach. It offers more than a beauty. It’s a good place either for a family or honeymooners.


Visiting Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is situated in Kalianda. You can reach it from Bandar Lampung. The beach is also located near to Bakaheuni port. Kalianda is a fishing village. Needless to say, you can meet lots of fishermen in this area. There are also some wooden huts around. From this lagoon, you are able to witness the shape of Anak Krakatau volcano. It’s the descendant of the great Krakatoa. The best spot to enjoy the scenery of the lagoon is from the cottages. From this log cabin, you can rest and see magnificent views of the ocean. What a great place to relieve your stress.

travel advice Indonesia - Laguna Beach Lampung

travel advice Indonesia – Laguna Beach Lampung

Actually, the beach is also near to Kiluan Bay’s dock. For beginners, you must look for a local guide. It’s because you need to deal with the rocks and hills along the way to the beach. As a travel advice Indonesia, you should be careful when visiting this location. The admission fee isn’t expensive. It’s no more than 5,000 IDR. Remember, the trip is quite tiring. You need to bring bottled water and some snacks. Still, you will be happy. The views are beautiful. There are even banana and chocolate plants nearby. Once you get through the hills, the vacation starts. The white sand and the calm waves of the beach are quite stunning.


Some Important Precautions

As mentioned earlier, the trip to Laguna Beach is a little bit dangerous. You shouldn’t go alone. At least, you need to pay a local guide. Visiting the beach with families or friends is also recommended. Don’t stand on the rocks! Not to mention you must pick the right path. It’s easier if you have a guide by your side. The local guide is familiar with the location. He or she knows the path very well. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. It may protect your feet during the trip. As there are no stalls nearby, you must bring your own water and snacks.

What is the best time to visit Indonesia? It’s around October. Basically, it’s advisable to visit the country during summer. Laguna Beach isn’t good during the rainy season. According to travel advice Indonesia, Lampung has many beautiful tourist spots. That means you can visit other places apart from Laguna Beach. The lagoon should be your prime list, though. It’s a nice location to take some pictures with your family. The soothing zephyr and the calm waves of the beach will make your day.

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