Many Options of Bandung Hotels – Picking the Right One

Bandung Hotels - Hilton

Bandung Hotels – Hilton

Bandung is a little Paris in Indonesia. Visitors come to this city either for a vacation or shopping. Some of them want to explore the beauty of Parahyangan Mountains. Since it’s surrounded by mountains, Bandung is quite cool. Also, there are many Bandung hotels. It’s important to pick the right hotel when spending a vacation in such city. Regardless of tourist destinations, you must know your option. A good hotel becomes your place for resting. Each of hotels is unique, actually. That means you can choose one based on your preferences.

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Exploring Some Bandung Hotels

First, there’s the Hilton Bandung. It’s located in HOS. Tjokroaminoto Street. It’s a good 5-star hotel. You are able to witness the beauty of scenery from inside of your room. The room is quite big and it’s furnished with artistic and modern furniture. If you want a luxury place to stay, Hilton is a perfect one. Next, there’s Padma Hotel Bandung. It’s both appealing and unique. You can enjoy a beautiful nature from inside. Near to the hotel, you can find Padma village and outbound. The hotel is located at Renca Bentang Street.

Your next option is Bilique Hotel. It isn’t only the place for resting but it’s also the right place to get entertained. The location is at Sersan Bajuri Street. There are some facilities like billiard, karaoke rooms, Phantasia Barbie Museum, fame station, etc. What a great place to relax! Next, you have Universal Hotel. The location is at Setiabudi Street. It’s a unique hotel. You can feel renaissance atmosphere inside the hotel. It’s the place for those who want to taste Europe nuance.

Sensa Hotel is your option. It’s located in Cihampelas Steet. Since it’s situated in the downtown, you can reach numerous Bandung facilities without hassles. It’s also near to shopping center. Not to mention you can enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s both elegant and refreshing. It’s a perfect location to rest and relax. Overall, each hotel has its unique quality. You should know your needs. Some of you are looking for luxury. The others only need the best comfort for sleeping. Regardless of the option, you should consider the rates of those hotels.


How to Get Cheap Bandung Hotels Deals

Price is the most important aspect when choosing hotels. No matter where you stay, there are some ways to save money on bookings. First, it’s the time. In some occasions, prices can increase significantly. The best time to book a hotel is within 24 hours of the stay. Why? The hotels cut prices to avoid unoccupied rooms. There’s a risk, though. It gives you uncertainty. You may miss the room when other people have already taken it. In this case, you can use online booking services to search good Bandung hotels deals.

It’s possible to find cheap hotel deals in Bandung. You only need to check for discounts. Most of the tourists are qualified for discounts. As an alternative, you can also use rewards. That means you should utilize a credit card or cash back rewards. Some hotels accept these things. Make sure that you talk to hotel’s representation first. Overall, a vacation in Bandung should be memorable and fun. Finding the right hotel is important. This way, you won’t ruin your vacation.

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