Ourang Medan – the Ghost Ship vs. Local People

Foreigners often make a mistake when it comes to Ourang Medan. Some of them think that it’s the people of Medan (Orang Medan). Actually, it’s a mysterious ghost ship in Medan. The ship was involved in an accident in the past. Still, there’s no factual confirmation yet. That means there’s no proof of the incident. The story first occurred in newspaper articles. It’s said that the ship was found in the Marshall Islands. There were many theories about the ship as well.

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SS Ourang Medan

Some people believed the accident was caused by unsecured harmful materials inside the cargo. They considered the ship had been involved in black-market operations. It carried cyanide and other dangerous supplies. According to the theory, these materials caused poisoning to the entire crew. It also caused an explosion. Another theory was related to paranormal activity. Many people believed that it was the work of aliens. There was no proof, though. Some sources reported about the death faces of the dead. The corpses showed a terrified expression. As if, they were attacked by mysterious things.

ourang medan

SS Ourang Medan

Today, most people show skepticism about it. They don’t believe such kind of story. The information was indeed inaccurate. Not to mention there’s no proof. For many, Ourang Medan ghost ship theories were utterly fictitious. However, there’s indeed SS Ourang Medan. It was a real ship. The whole crew died in a mysterious way. It created many theories behind such suspicious death of the crew. The thing is there’s another reference when it comes to Ourang Medan. It refers to local people in Medan. Who are they?


Another Reference of Ourang Medan

ourang medan

When you spend a vacation in Medan Indonesia, you may meet local people. They are called Orang Medan. It’s a different thing than the previous discussion. Are you interested in them? Many people say that local people in Medan are bad tempered. Not to mention they often speak in a loud manner. They are also notorious for being arrogant. It’s the first impression when you meet them. It’s true that they seem rude. However, they have a good side, as well. In fact, they are friendlier than people from other regions.

Due to their rudeness and arrogance, not all people can talk to them comfortably. Would you do it? Still, they aren’t as rude as people in Makassar or Madura. The best way to approach them is using a soft manner. They will react in the same way. One thing, local people in Medan express their opinion deliberately. That means they hate hypocrisy. That’s why they are considered unmannered. For many, they are a good people. They won’t say bad things in others’ back.

Apart from their blatant behavior, ourang Medan is warm and friendly. They are quite social. They are into friendship and loyalty. In fact, they respect other tribes. You never heard about conflicts in Medan, didn’t you? Their principle is to help others. They are also independent. When it comes to marriage, there’s no restriction. Love is a sacred thing for them. What about their local language? They have their own traditional language. Still, most of them use Bahasa Indonesia. This way, they can communicate with other tribes easily. Which Ourang Medan is more interesting – the Ghost Ship or local people in Medan?

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