An Overview of Sulawesi Shrimp – the Cardinal Shrimp

Sulawesi Shrimp - Cardinal Shrimp

Sulawesi Shrimp – Cardinal Shrimp

Since Sulawesi is a rich island, tourists can explore many things here. One of the attractions is the sea life. There’s a famous sea creature in Celebes / Sulawesi Island. It’s the Cardinal Shrimp. The common name is Sulawesi Shrimp. Many foreigners come to the island to witness and find this unique creature. It has the color of either light or dark red. There are some white dots on the shrimp body. In order to appreciate the beauty of the shrimp, you need to see in person. The thing is many hobbyists consider it as a new hobby.

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Breeding the Sulawesi Shrimp

 As the name suggests, Sulawesi shrimp lives on the island of Sulawesi. You can also find it in some lakes in this island. The Cardinal Shrimp loves warm temperature. If you decide to consider it as a pet, you must keep the water in the temperature of 78F. If it goes lower than this, the water may kill them. Not to mention you should keep the shrimp in a special tank. The water should have 7.0 ph. minimum. Today, many hobbyists try to imitate the habitat of Sulawesi Shrimps. They use algae surfaces and rocks.

It’s true that the Cardinal Shrimp lives well in rocks. It’s also wise to use coral chips. The purpose is to increase the hardness of the water. Another idea is the sand. It can be a good additional feature for the aquarium. Is it hard to breed them? It can be done in freshwater. That means you should never use brackish or salt water. You should know that there’s no larval phase. The females take care of the eggs until they hatch.

Breeding Sulawesi shrimp isn’t as difficult as you think. Many breeders have been quite successful. Commonly, the females may carry up to 15 eggs. The duration before hatching is around 30 days. It can be sooner that, though. The condition of the tank affects the growth of the babies. The growth speed of Cardinal Shrimp is quite similar to Neocaridina. People can easily read information regarding the reproduction and breeding of Sulawesi Shrimp on the internet. That means everyone can do this kind of hobby.


Recognizing the Cardinal Shrimp

It’s also important to learn about the behavior of the Cardinal Shrimp. Actually, they are quite active. They spend most of their time scraping rocks at the bottom of the water. They also love to spend their time on the algae. Since they aren’t aggressive, they won’t be a hassle in the tank. That means they can live with other species in a tank. Their best partner is a snail. You can find them in a wild environment, as well. In some cases, the shrimp may pick snails ‘shell. This is one of their behaviors.

What about the feeding? Sulawesi Shrimp loves Shirakura food. Algae water is also a good choice. You must feed them once a day. Remember, don’t feed them excessively. Overfeeding is a bad thing. It can lead to bad water. The worst part is that it can lead to death. When it comes to sexing, the shrimp will reproduce naturally. There’s no problem at all with it. Due to its uniqueness, many foreign people buy this shrimp directly from Sulawesi. It’s worth to keep, after all.

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