Pagaralam Rafting Tour – South Sumatra

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holidays Indonesia - Pagaralam Rafting

holidays Indonesia – Pagaralam Rafting

Pagaralam Rafting Tour – A Reliable Rafting Provider in South Sumatra

What do you know about South Sumatera? It’s one of the provinces in Indonesia. It owns many interesting places for holidays Indonesia. It’s a fertile district. There are many rivers available throughout the region. The name of its capital city is Palembang. Do you like a challenging activity? There’s Pagaralam rafting tour. It’s situated 300 km away from Palembang city. Both young and old people come to join a stimulating rafting tour with other tourists.


About Pagaralam Rafting Tour

This rafting tour is suitable for both individuals and organization. Many staff members of big companies have ever tried the tour. Pagaralam rafting tour is an impressive vacation for everyone. It helps improve your bravery and agility. It’s a perfect activity to train your survivability. The rafting boat represents the company. The members of the rafting tour are the employees. The finish point of the tour represents the vision or goal of the organization. The rocks and the currents are the obstacles. Overall, rafting is a great activity. It helps you to grow to be a better individual.

holidays Indonesia - Dempo Mount

holidays Indonesia – Dempo Mount

Pagaralam rafting tour becomes one of the most appealing holidays Indonesia recently. It’s situated in Besemah Serasan region. Actually, you have two options. The first option is the Manna River rafting tour. The other one is Lematang River rafting tour. At the start point, you can find a small village. The name is Tanjung Sakti. You are able to witness a traditional house in this location. Most of the villagers are farmers. There’s also the old church nearby. You can see old colonial cannon here.

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The Facilities

Pagaralam rafting tour provides reliable rafting boats. There is the guide and a rescue team. That means you can rely on their expertise. It’s safe for everyone. No worries, you will get a free snack, lunch, and water. There’s even a photographer. You won’t miss any great moments during the trip. The tour includes both insurance and retribution. You don’t need to worry about these things. The tour organizer will take care of anything for you.

holidays Indonesia - Pagar Alam Rafting

holidays Indonesia – Pagar Alam Rafting

Where Can You Start?

Most of the tourists visit Lematang River as their Pagaralam rafting tour. It starts from Pelangkenidai village. You can reach it easily. If you come from Pagaralam city, it takes no more than 30 minutes. Pelangkenidai is a solemn village. You can enjoy the nature here. Once you enter the village, you need to walk to the start point. It takes around 15 minutes. During the short trip, you may witness farms, coffee plantations, and friendly locals.

Needless to say, there are also some wild animals like eagles, long-tailed monkeys, and many others. The rafting tour takes about 2 hours. You will get the lunch and snack during the tour. The best thing is that you can eat traditional foods like kelicuk and lemang. These are foods that you can’t get every day. Don’t miss them! For the tips, you must bring extra clothes. It’s because you are going to get very wet. Don’t bring a camera! It can easily fall into the river. This is going to be one of your best holidays Indonesia.


The Price

What about the price? Here’s the reference for you:

USD $35 / person (min 6 person – max 200 person)
include : insurance, fotographer, traditional snack, Lunch, freeflow tea n coffee
exlude : transport ke start point di tj. sakti

USD $25 / org (min 10 person – max 200 person)
include : insurance, lunch.
exlude : transport ke start point di tj. sakti

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