Papeda – Traditional Food from Eastern Indonesia

A Well-known Traditional Food from Eastern Indonesia – Papeda

Thanks to the richness of culture and culinary of Indonesia, you are able to try different traditional foods in such country. Papeda is one of them. Generally, it’s sago porridge. It’s famous food of native Papuan and Maluku people. Eastern Indonesia is such a wonderful Asia tour destination. Not only due to their tourist spots, but it’s also because of their unique foods. Sago congee is something that you can’t find in your country. While western and central Indonesia regions use rice as the staple food, Eastern Indonesian has Papeda. Here you are going to learn more about this distinct food.

Asia tour destination - Papeda

Papeda is a traditional food from eastern Indonesia


It’s Easy to Cook

 The cooking procedure isn’t complicated. You only need to cook sago flour with water. The key to success is the stirring. You must stir until it has a similar texture to glue. You can eat it with fish soup and spices. As an alternative, you can eat it with boiled yam. There are some side dishes as well. These include papaya flower bud soup and stir-fried vegetables. As mentioned earlier, the main ingredient is sago flour. Authentic Papeda is indeed delicious. However, you can still cook it by your own. You can buy sago flour in some supermarkets in Papua New Guinea.

When you visit this Asia tour destination, you mustn’t miss buying Papeda. Remember, this food isn’t quite good if eaten on its own. You need some side dishes. Both soup and a baked fish are good companions of Papeda. You can also add chili and soy sauce. Eating this food gives you many nutrients such as mineral, vitamin, and protein. It’s better to eat with meats and vegetables. Apart from this benefit, you can also eat Papeda every day without worrying about side effects. Local people in Eastern Indonesia eat it daily. If you decide to visit the country, don’t forget to buy Papeda.


A New Culinary Experience

The uniqueness becomes the greatest point of this traditional food. Many tourists want to try it. What about you? In terms of taste, it’s like a cotton candy. The fish sauce makes it more savory and delicious. As a staple food, Papeda can be a substitute for rice. There are numerous side dishes as well. You may eat it in a bowl. You can eat it using a spoon. The smell is a little bit stingy, though. You will find yourself loving this food while in Papua, Maluku, Ternate, or other Eastern parts of Indonesia. You don’t even need to chew it while eating.

Overall, Papeda becomes one of the attractions of such Asia tour destination. Indonesia is rich in traditional foods. Some tourists determine to try them all. You should take this challenge, too. When it comes to Papeda, don’t try to eat it too much. Your stomach will be upset. You can start with a small portion first. Most of the time, tourists are interested in cooking this unique food. They learn from the locals. Fortunately, natives of Eastern Indonesia are quite generous. You can even learn directly from them. There are some markets available so you can buy the ingredients.

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