Papua New Guinea is Everyone’s Vacation Destination

Papua New Guinea

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In the west part of Indonesia, there’s Papua New Guinea. The island consists of two countries. The east part belongs to Indonesia. Local people call it Irian Jaya. It has been a wonderful vacation spot for tourists. The most important aspect is the climate. Since it’s situated near to the equator, the island is quite tropical. However, it is cooler in the highlands. Papua New Guinea also has wet season. It usually occurs between December-March. If you love trekking, you need to visit Papua between June-September. The weather is nice in those months.


Papua New Guinea is Rich in Culture

Papua New Guinea travel is tempting. Almost all people are interested to visit Papua. The island is covered by wildlife and rainforest. There are various faunas and flora as well. There are cassowaries, birds of paradise, cockatoos, and many others. There are also some interesting dive spots. The coral reefs are just the best. Papua New Guinea is also famous for its culture. Local people are friendly to visitors. They aren’t as wild as you may think. They live in a traditional way, though.

The world recognizes Papua’s tribal art. In fact, it’s one of the best on the planet. Asmat tribe is famous for its woodcarving. In the past, Asmat people were notorious. It’s due to their cannibalistic behavior. There’s no such thing recently. Their woodcarving skills are functional to create drums, shields, paddles, canoes, and many others. These people are both artistic and creative. No wonder, more foreigners come to the island due to the woodcarving.

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When it comes to tourist destinations, Papua has many beautiful places. The most popular one is Raja Ampat. It consists of a thousand islands. The beautiful beaches, caves, lagoons, and jungles are the best attractions in Raja Ampat. It’s a pure vacation destination. Its beauty is unmatched. The sea water is clear and fresh. It’s a perfect place for snorkeling. Due to its beauty, many honeymooners enjoy trips to Papua New Guinea. Well, Raja Ampat is just one of them. There are other places to explore.


More about Papua New Guinea

Are you interested in history? There’s a cultural museum in Jayapura. The name is Cendrawasih University. You can find many artifacts like traditional costumes, Asmat carvings, and many others. There are also musical instruments and old photos. You may be amazed with the stuffed Papuan fauna. It’s a little bit creepy. However, it’s unique and interesting. Tourists will definitely love it. If you have a problem with the language, you can hire a local guide. Foreign visitors come to Papua by plane. It isn’t hard to reach the island. Air transport is quite common in Papua.

Overall, a vacation in Papua New Guinea is worth a try. The island is a little bit tropical. That means you need to prepare some comfortable clothes. The only problem is the language. Foreign tourists can rely on local guides. It only costs small amount of money. When it comes to transportation, it’s better to use an airplane. Some roads are in a bad condition. It can be quite uncomfortable for sure. Don’t forget to talk to Asmat people. They aren’t scary at all.

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