It’s the Perfect Time to Visit West Sulawesi

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West Sulawesi - Dato Majene beach

West Sulawesi – Dato Majene beach

Many foreign tourists have been impressed by tourism in Indonesia. Why? There are lots of tourist destinations available. Each province offers unique attractions. It includes West Sulawesi. Even though it doesn’t have many public facilities, it shows an amazing development over time. The name of the capital is Mamuju. Thanks to good natural resources such as fishes, minerals, and crops, Mamuju regency is able to retain its economy. West Sulawesi is considered as a new province. It even faces many problems. Today, the main objective of the local government is to improve their public facilities and infrastructure. Fortunately, they can rely on their tourism.

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The Prime Attraction in West Sulawesi

As a tourist, are you interested in visiting West Sulawesi? Well, you need a reason. What about Dato Majene beach? It’s a suitable tourist destination for your family. Honeymooners should consider it as well. The beach becomes one of the best attractions in Majene. It’s actually a tropical beach. It’s situated near to a local village called Pangale Baurung Banggae. The beach has attracted many visitors. The government can take advantage of this tourist spot to improve their economy. Dato Majene beach is unique. It isn’t the same as the other beaches in Sulawesi. It has tropical and natural panorama.

There are many unspoiled beaches in West Sulawesi. Dato Majene beach isn’t an exception. It’s well-maintained. Due to these reasons, the beach becomes one of the best tourism in Indonesia. It’s a good choice for a family trip. Both local and foreign tourists often come here. Holidays and weekends are the most crowded time. The beach has two parts. The first one is the coral beach. It’s suitable for those who look for tranquility. The second part is the white sandy beaches. Here you can do water activities like swimming. There are some rocks around. They become complementary charms of the beach. Do you want to enjoy the scenery from the above? You can climb a big rock using the ladder.


Visiting the Dato Beach

 If you come from Majene regency, you can reach the beach in no time. It’s only 1 km away from Majene. If you come from Mamuju, you need to drive about 4 hours. Once you reach the beach, you can relax and enjoy some beach games like playing football, volleyball, building sandcastles, etc. Your kids can play at the shoreline. There are many types of shells and hermit crabs. As mentioned earlier, the water of the beach is clear and calm. You can either play around or swim. Some tourists like diving and snorkeling here.

Dato beach in Majene becomes a new favorite tourism in Indonesia. Thanks to its beautiful panorama and clear water. If you have decided to visit West Sulawesi, that beach should be your priority. No worries. There are many local public transportation services like buses, ojeks, etc. The most popular transportation is the public bus. It cost around 100,000 IDR or the trip. Basically, the best time to visit Indonesia is during the summer season. You can come here whenever you want, though.

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