Raja Ampat Islands – A Piece of Dreamland in Papua

Raja Ampat Islands for beautiful Indonesia

Raja Ampat Islands for beautiful Indonesia

What are you planning for your next vacation? Indonesia is a beautiful nation. There are many provinces to visit. In the west part of the country, there’s Papua Island. According to a travel advice Indonesia, Papua has lots of nice tourist places. Later, you are going to learn about Raja Ampat. Papua also has a famous bird species. The name is the Bird of Paradise. Apart from the animals, you must visit amazing spots including Raja Ampat. It’s a piece of paradise. Here you can see numerous corals and fishes. Today, there are even more than 1000 species of fishes in these islands.


Things to Do in Raja Ampat Islands

Even though Raja Ampat becomes the main attraction, you also need to visit other islands like Piyanemo, Arborek, and others. So, is it all about the sea? No, it isn’t. Raja Ampat is also a great place to watch numerous types of birds. As mentioned earlier, there’s the Cendrawasih. There are also other birds like Eagles and Cockatoos. Thanks to lots of vast biological variety. You can relax and enjoy the nature. Still, Raja Ampat is famous for its marine landscape. You should learn to dive right away. The underwater scenery is quite jaw-dropping. Dare to try it?

Travel-advice Indonesia- Raja Ampat Papua

Wonderful Indonesia – Raja Ampat Islands Papua

What makes people hesitated when it comes to visiting Raja Ampat Islands? It’s the experience. You aren’t the exception. Most of you don’t have enough information about Papua. In this case, you should read more travel advice Indonesia. This site can be your best reference. Due to natural conditions, coastal ecology, and sea biodiversity, Raja Ampat Islands become a perfect place to take beautiful pictures. Not to mention there’s rich tradition and culture. Everything is great here. You can do many things such as wreck diving, visiting neighbor islands, bird watching, sailing, and more. In fact, you can explore the islands by boat.


It’s Your Adventure

Dare you explore the bat cave? It will be one of the best experiences. Not all tourists are brave enough, though. Perhaps you want to make your own wooden sculpture. There are some Asmat artists here. You can even learn traditional fishing techniques. Papuans will help you to learn. Snorkeling also becomes a good choice of activity. The next thing to do is to visit Waigeo. Here you can enjoy a traditional performance. The name is “suling tambur”. It’s better to visit Papua during holidays. Raja Ampat should be on your list of vacation destinations.

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Overall, Papua is an important Island. There’s no Indonesia without Papua. Thanks to Raja Ampat. Many visitors come to this beautiful region over time. Diving enthusiasts also often come here. As a travel advice Indonesia, you must think about the weather. Don’t come here in June-August. It’s because the underwater conditions and climate are bad. You don’t want to ruin your vacation, do you? A summer is a nice option. Thus, the sea travel won’t be troublesome. If you want to dive and explore the islands, you need to pay attention to the weather. As an alternative, you can look at weather base websites.

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