A Reason to Visit Indonesia – the Province of Aceh

Visit Indonesia - Darussalam Mosque Aceh

Visit Indonesia – Darussalam Mosque Aceh

Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam is the most west province of Indonesia. The name of the capital city is Banda Aceh. The most notable event is the worst tsunami in 2004 (read : Worst Indonesia tsunami ever). It took many lives. Fortunately, the reconstruction process ran smoothly. Today, Aceh becomes a good reason to visit Indonesia. What is good about it? It’s a special territory of the country. It’s just like the special region of Yogyakarta and DKI. Approximately, the population in Aceh is 4 million. Most of them are Muslims.

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Getting around Aceh Province as a reason to visit Indonesia

Most of the people also recognize Aceh for its desire for independence from Indonesia. The tsunami caused a great loss to Aceh. The local government gave up their effort and became more open to discussion. The Helsinki Peace Agreement ended their struggle to seek for political independence from the country. Aceh decided to remain as one of Indonesia’s provinces. Today, it also becomes a good tourist destination both for domestic and international visitors. There are many major towns in Aceh. These include Banda Aceh, Calang, Lokhseumawe, Sigli, etc.

Most of the tourists consider Aceh as the diver’s paradise. One of the best surf spots is in Pulau Weh. It’s the best beach gateway, as well. You can enjoy water adventure at Banyak Islands. In Takengon, there’s Laut Tawar Lake. It’s the perfect place to see lots of fish and other creatures. The next destination is Ketambe. There’s Gunung Leuser National Park. You can find Orang Utan in that park. It’s a little bit hard to reach the location, though. Make sure you have had the map.

There’s no special requirement to visit Indonesia. In Aceh, you can get around easily. There are many options of public transport like motor taxis (ojek), rental cars, and taxis. What about the place to sleep? If you spend a long vacation, you may need a hotel. There are many accommodations and hotels available. The best town to find one is in Banda Aceh. Not to mention there are affordable guesthouses. These are located in Lampuuk and Lhoknga. Most of the guests are surfers and foreigners. What about you?


Further Information

Aceh is also about the culture. You can find many events and unique cultures. There are even the remains of Samudra Pasai Kingdom. If you want to learn some history, there’s Tjut Nyak Dien Museum. Next, you should enjoy the outdoor attractions. Bukit Lawang is the first choice. Once you spend a good time at such location, you need to visit Berastagi. It’s the perfect site to relax. There are hot springs in Berastagi. On top of that, the scene is quite amazing.

Overall, Aceh becomes your motivation to visit Indonesia. Not only you can enjoy the nature beauty, but you can also taste local foods. Gulai and Cane bread are the most popular traditional foods in Aceh. There’s also Aceh Noodle (read: Dare to Try Spicy Aceh Noodle?). The taste is spicy and delicious. You should try them all. Beware of some crimes, though. Not all Acehnese are good people. Some of them are scammers. They want to get as many money from the tourists. It’s better to trust the local guide.

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