Recognizing the Best Places to Visit in Indonesia

Even though Indonesia has been a popular country, travelers should know the best places to visit in Indonesia. The options are just too many. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide where to go. It’s better to gather some references prior to visiting the country. For an independent traveler, Indonesia is quite big. It’s risky to go there without a proper preparation. It isn’t all about the money. At least, you should know your destinations. There are beautiful beaches, lakes, national parks, etc. What is your favorite?

best places to visit in Indonesia - Raja Ampat

best places to visit in Indonesia – Raja Ampat (


the Best Places to Visit in Indonesia

Bali Island

Almost all travelers agree that Bali Island is the most popular vacation destination in Indonesia. It’s the world’s paradise. In fact, many people recognize Indonesia due to Bali’s fame. What do you think? There’s a famous beach. The name is Kuta. There’s also Ubud. It’s a solemn Balinese village. The most visitors come from Australia, Japan, and other neighbor countries. What’s more? There are Tanah Lot, Alas Kedaton, Bedugul, etc. It takes times to explore the entire vacation places in Bali Island.


Bunaken Sea Adventure

 When it comes to a sea adventure, there’s Bunaken. It becomes one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. You can explore the wonderful underwater scenery. Where is it? You can reach it in North Sulawesi. In order to enjoy its beauty, you should conduct a scuba diving. There are many fishes and corals. Their beauty is undisputable. You can visit nearby islands like Mantehage, Siladen, Naen, etc. You can explore all of them. If you feel hungry, you can enjoy various local sea foods. What a vacation!


Yogyakarta Special District

Yogyakarta is a special region in Indonesia. There are many things to do here. For instance, you can visit the iconic Keraton. It’s the Sultan’s Palace. In Kalasan, you can witness the tallest temple of the country. The name is Prambanan Temple. Do you like shopping? There’s Malioboro shopping district. Yogyakarta is also famous for traditional culinary. Gudeg is the most famous one. The best location to eat Gudeg is at Wijilan Street. On top of that, the local people are quite friendly.


Bromo Mountain

If you visit East Java, you should not miss the Mount Bromo. Most of the tourists enjoy the beautiful sunrise from this mountain. Are you interested? You can relax and enjoy the ambiance of the mountain. The breeze of the wind is quite soothing. The atmosphere is perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee. Don’t forget to bring a camera. You’ll definitely take some pictures of the surrounding. In the evening, you can gather with other visitors. Before sleeping, you may drink a glass of wine. It keeps your body warm.


Raja Ampat Archipelago

 Indonesia is the biggest archipelago nation. Raja Ampat Islands are indeed popular among visitors. You can reach the location in the east part of the country. It’s situated in West Papua. What makes it popular? Raja Ampat may amaze you with its beauty. You can find abundant species of fishes in Raja Ampat. There are many relaxing hotels and places to stay. All of them offer beautiful scenery of this archipelago. It’s suitable for a family vacation, a honeymoon, or an adventure. It’s worth a position as one of the best places to visit in Indonesia.


Komodo Island

Have you ever heard about Komodo dragon? No, it’s not a fire-breathing dragon. It’s the world biggest lizard. You can see this animal at Komodo National Park. What you need to do is to visit the Komodo Island. It’s located between Flores and Sumbawa islands. Apart from this unique animal, you can enjoy the beauty of the island. There are numerous marine environments. The entrance fee is about 250,000 IDR. Don’t forget to pay the area tax and guide’s fee, too.


Lombok Island

Apart from Bali, Indonesia also has another piece of heaven. It’s Lombok Island. It’s situated in West Nusa Tenggara province. Lombok has small islands like Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air. The sand is soft and white. The sea water is clean. Due to this reason, Lombok becomes a top destination for scuba diving or snorkeling. There’s also the Mount Rinjani. The view is quite breathtaking. Lombok Island also has a famous beach. The name is Senggigi,


Wakatobi National Park

As mentioned earlier, Indonesia is an archipelago country. Apart from Bunaken National Park, there’s also Wakatobi. It’s located in Southeast Sulawesi. The national park was established formally in 2002. It becomes one of the most interesting World Heritage Sites. The best thing to do is diving. You can see various corals and marine lives. Recently, the government pays more attention to Wakatobi. There are many threats including fish poisoning, fish bombing, and overfishing. These may ruin the beauty of Wakatobi as one of the best places to visit in Indonesia.


Tanah Toraja

What makes Tanah Toraja popular? There’s a unique local ceremony. You can witness the creepy culture of Tanah Toraja. People in this region have an uncommon death ceremony. It’s called Ma’nene. It’s an eerie ritual. A family member may walk the death body of his relative. It’s considered as a common ritual, after all. For many, it’s an unpleasant thing to see. Many tourists are interested in it, though. What about you?


Toba Lake

There’s the biggest lake in Indonesia. It’s situated in Medan. The name is Toba Lake. If you visit North Sumatra, the lake should be your prime destination. Here’s the unique thing about the lake. You may find a small island in the middle of it. The name is Samosir Island. It’s the largest lake in Indonesia. Also, it’s the largest in South East Asia. You can reach the small island by boat. The water is fresh and the scenery is amazing.


Each of you has different preferences about the best places to visit in Indonesia. Regardless of your choice, you should prepare everything. A destination is the most important thing. Next, you need to think about the costs, clothes, accommodations, and transportations. Don’t forget to consider the people who will come with you. You need to spend more money if you come to Indonesia with your family. On the other hand, you shouldn’t spend too much money for an individual vacation. For cheaper costs, there are some discounts. You can get them from the tourist agency.

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