Most Recommended Jakarta Hotels – Which One Are You?

Jakarta Hotels - Hotel Indonesia

Jakarta Hotels – Hotel Indonesia

The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta city. It has attracted many tourists over time. Thanks to numerous attractions. For example, there’s an icon of the city. It’s the National Monument. It becomes the symbol of the struggle of the nation. You can witness lots of dioramas explaining the Indonesia history. Jakarta is also famous for its TMII. It’s the best place for a family vacation. There are also many Jakarta hotels available. You can choose one that fits your budget. Since you have many options, you must compare them first.


The Best Jakarta Hotels

 In Lebak Bulus, there’s a recommended hotel. It’s Mercure Jakarta Simatupang. The hotel is located near to businesses center. It has 232 modern rooms. The theme is minimalistic and comfortable. You can feel the nuance of Jakarta lifestyle here. The hotel is furnished with many contemporary items. In the bed headboard, you can find mural art of Jakarta life and the National Monument. There are also many facilities available. These include a restaurant, pool, gym, spa, bar, and a café.

Jakarta Hotels

Mercure Hotel


Jakarta Hotels

Jakarta Hotels

Next, there’s the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place. It’s situated in Sudirman area. Even though it doesn’t have many rooms, it provides the best facilities for the guests. It’s the representation of luxury. There’s a unique part of the hotel. There’s the Grand Ballroom. It can accommodate thousands of guests. In fact, it becomes one of the biggest ballrooms in Southeast Asia. The next option is situated in Mega Kuningan. The name is Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta. The hotel is near to many malls like ITC, Kuningan City, Plaza Festival, etc.


If you visit Kebayoran Baru, there’s a good hotel. The name is Dharmawangsa. It’s located near to many eateries. It’s suitable for those who love eating. The hotel applies a traditional theme. It may impress all visitors. There are about 100 rooms. You can choose either a luxury or classic room. There’s even a private balcony for each room. Inside the hotel, there are 2 lounges and 4 restaurants. The other facilities are a swimming pool, gym, private club, bakery, etc.


How to Choose Jakarta Hotels

Before searching for good hotels in Jakarta, you should know your needs. Each of you has a different priority, after all. The most common consideration is the price. It’s better to compare the price first. There are some booking sites out there. These are helpful when it comes to price comparison. Some hotels provide discounts and beneficial deals. You shouldn’t miss them. Not all cheap hotels are bad. You only need to conduct a research to find them. The rate of the hotel is important. Don’t overlook it.

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The location is the next important aspect. That means you need to choose a hotel that is near to tourist attractions. If you love shopping, you need to pick a hotel that is adjacent to a big mall. Remember, a strategic location may increase the rate of the hotel. You must know this well. Next, it’s the amenities. The best hotels provide complete facilities. This way, you can enjoy everything your hotel. The theme is another issue. Do you want to stay at a classic hotel? Some of you prefer to stay at the modern hotel, though.

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