Relaxing Trip to Indonesia – Kenjeran Beach in Surabaya

trip to Indonesia - kenjeran park

Trip to Indonesia – The Next Kenjeran Park (source:

When it comes to a vacation, Indonesia becomes a top-notch tourism destination. Java Island is one of the best options. In Surabaya, you can find a beautiful beach. The name is Kenjeran. It will be an amazing trip to Indonesia. The beach is situated in Kenjeran regency, East Java. It’s a good place to spend quality time with family. Here’s the best part. You can visit two interesting places at once. Apart from Kenjeran beach, there’s also Suramadu Bridge nearby. The locals are friendly. You can explore the beach easily.


What is good about Kenjeran Beach?

Trip to Indonesia - Kenjeran Park 2008

My Memories at Kenjeran Park 2008

As one of the best Surabaya tourism attractions, Kenjeran is worth a visit. In fact, it’s the only beach that you can find in this city. There are two parts of the beach. The first one is Kenjeran Lama and the second one is Kenjeran Baru. Both of them offer beauty and calmness. You can relax in these locations. The soothing zephyr helps you to remove stresses. The waves are fair. Usually, visitors come here to get rid of their personal issues. Living in a big city causes stresses indeed. Kenjeran helps them to refresh.

trip to Indonesia - kenjeran park - Suramadu Bridge

trip to Indonesia – Suramadu Bridge view from Kenjeran Park

Kenjeran beach offers numerous tourism facilities. There are stalls and a playground. You can buy handicrafts from those booths. What about the food? No worries. You can find some small eateries around the beach. If you want to get around the water, there’s a boat rental in Kenjeran Lama. For those who want to relax, Kenjeran Baru is a better option. There’s a fishing spot for visitors. There’s also a swimming pool. What makes this location popular is its horse race track.


Enjoy a Great Vacation in Surabaya

Kenjeran should be the reason to conduct a trip to Indonesia. Most of the tourists want to ride the boat. The cost is as low as 8000 IDR. The beach also offers a romantic ambiance. It’s a nice place to enjoy a beautiful panorama in the afternoon. Don’t forget to buy some seafood. Eating delicious food and witnessing the beauty of the sea are indeed satisfying. In Kenjeran Baru, you can do fun activities like fishing, swimming, horse riding, etc.

trip to Indonesia - kenjeran park

Trip to Indonesia – Kenjeran Park source: @taniandria

Some locals often visit Kenjeran Baru for praying. You can see how peaceful those people are. What about playing kites? The wind helps you fly a kite high. Overall, the beach is a perfect destination for a family vacation. Not to mention it’s also suitable for honeymooners. There are some special events during the weekends. For example, there’s Barongsai performance during the full moon. The locals also often perform a horse race for entertainment. You shouldn’t miss these events.

In summary, Kenjeran beach should be your next trip to Indonesia. It doesn’t only offer a beautiful beach, but it also has other attractions. When it is about culinary, you can enjoy Surabaya traditional foods like Rujak Cingur. What about seafood? It’s also worth a try. Before getting back to your hotel, you must buy a souvenir. There are many beautiful handicrafts made from sea materials. If you come from Bungurasih bus station, you can hire an ojek. Tell the driver that you need to visit Kenjeran beach. Have fun!

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