Visiting a Sacred Sanctuary in Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest

Bali Island is the most famous Indonesia tourist point. In Ubud region, there is a unique place to visit. The name is Ubud monkey forest. It has become a conservation of wild monkey and a Hinduism values. As the name suggests, this location is surrounded by trees and monkey. It is situated in Padang Tegal village. The sacred sanctuary of monkey forest has a crucial impact on local’s spiritual and economic state. Today, it becomes one of the best tourist attractions in Ubud.

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What is in Ubud Monkey Forest?

 The Ubud monkey forest has the size of 27 acres. You will be amazed by nature. There are more than 100 different tree species here. The area is both hilly and forested. There is also a small rift nearby. This tourist spot has numerous areas. These include a gallery, a public hall, forest conservation, a stage, a police post, and tourist facilities. That means you can easily find a toilet, parking area, and other basic facilities as well. What about the temple?

There are several Hindu temples in this location. The most famous one is Pura Dalem Agung. It is the main temple in Ubud monkey forest. The other name is the temple of Death. You can find it in the southwestern part of the forest. Local people often visit it for worshipping. The name of the God is Hyang Widhi. Next, there is Beji temple. It is located in the north part of the forest. It is the place to worship Gangga the goddess. Local people come to this temple to cleanse their physical and spiritual state. Thanks to the holy spring.

Another famous sanctuary is Prajapati temple. It is situated in the northeast. The ruler of the temple is Prajapati. It is also the representation of Shiva God. There is a cemetery next to the temple. It is the place to keep deceased bodies for impermanent burial. Later, the bodies will be cremated in another place. Overall, all of these temples have a significant role to the society. Ubud monkey forest becomes more sacred due to the presence of those Hindu temples. If you want to enter the temples, you should wear proper attire. It opens for prayers.


Ubud Monkey Forest Safety Tips

As mentioned earlier, there are many wild monkeys in here. Local tour guides provide some safety tips for visitors. You must obey the rules. Make sure that you keep your belongings safe. Some bad monkeys often steal tourists’ items. That means you need to leave your valuable items in some counters. The monkeys won’t come to you without some foods. You can bring bananas or peanuts to lure them.

Ubud monkey forest is sacred and protected. You shouldn’t do something harmful here. There are some prohibited parts so you can’t enter them. There are also some local employees. No worries. They are approachable. Usually, they wear green uniform. They will give thorough information regarding the forest and how to keep safe during the trip. They might warn you about the bad monkeys. Therefore, you should listen to them carefully. Good luck!

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