A Satisfying Holiday in the Mount Kerinci Jambi

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Mt Kerinci

It’s time to Indonesia visit! One of the most important things is preparation. For instance, you need to decide the location. What about Jambi? It’s a beautiful province. It’s located on Sumatra Island. Before Dutch colonialism, Jambi belonged to the Srivijayan kingdom. Later, it turned into Sriwijaya. Unfortunately, this kingdom fell due to the attack of Majapahit. Once Majapahit kingdom fell, the Minangkabau people took over Jambi. In the 1600s, the Dutch monopolized spices trade in Jambi. It’s because Sultan Muhammed Nakhruddin made an alliance with them. Today, you can find many ethnics living in this area. Not to mention Jambi becomes more popular among tourists.

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A Magnificent Mount Kerinci

Speaking of tourism in Jambi, there’s a famous mountain namely Mount Kerinci. It’s one of the highest volcanoes in Indonesia. It is about 3800 meters tall. As a matter of fact, it’s the highest volcano in Southeast Asia. That means it has beaten Mount Fuji in terms of size. Most tourists want to enjoy the beauty of this mountain. Once you reach the top, you can witness incomparable sceneries. It’s quite freezing from this location. Don’t forget to wear warm clothes. It’s quite freezing at the top.  It’s a good idea to wear gloves. Also, you mustn’t go during rainy season.

Indonesia visit-mount kerinci.jpg

Indonesia visit-mount kerinci

Usually, tourists must tourists spend a night in Kersik Tuo village prior to hiking. It’s the best start for trekking to Indonesia visit Mount Kerinci. As an alternative, there’s Sungai Penuh. You can also start from this location. It’s possible to reach the top of the mountain. Still, it takes both time and energy. In order to go up and down the mountain, you need at least 12 hours. There’s Shelter 2 from where you can spend a night. The best time to visit Mount Kerinci is during dawn. Mid-morning isn’t a good choice due to the cloudy views.


Things to Know

One thing, you can’t rely on water sources in this mountain. Thus, you need to carry ample supplies while hiking. There are some homestays here. The cost is quite reliable so you can afford it without hassles. For foreigners, you must take a copy of your ID. With this information, you are ready to visit Jambi. So, how can you get there? Your first destination is Padang’s International airport. In order to reach the starting point, you must drive at least for 7 hours. You can either rent a car or use a public transport. As an alternative, you can share cars with other tourists.


The best thing about Mount Kerinci is its magnificence. It offers beautiful sceneries and adventure. If you are going to visit Jambi, this mountain should be your top destination. For beginners, there are some guides available. Don’t forget to wear warm clothes. You don’t want to get cold while hiking, do you? Overall, Jambi is a great Indonesia visit. There are also various animals and plants in the wild. Apart from Mount Kerinci, you can visit other tourist destinations such as Barbak and Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park. This can be your greatest vacation in Indonesia.

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