The Untold Secret to Travel in Indonesia – Bromo Mountain

Indonesia holidays - Bromo Mountain

Bromo Mountain

Indonesia Holidays – Visiting Bromo Mountain

Most of you are afraid in visiting Indonesia. It’s because you lack information and guides. No worries. gives you many references regarding this country. That means you can conduct Indonesia holidays right away. Travelfoot will choose the best destination for you. For starters, there’s East Java. It’s a famous province indeed. It’s situated near to Bawean and Madura islands. It’s also the neighbor of famous Bali Island.  So what can you do here? East Java provides many tourism charms. These include seashores, wildlife reserves, marine gardens, and many others. Mount Bromo isn’t an exception. It’s also called as the sulfur mountain. It also represents the glory of Majapahit dynasty.


 Things to Do in Mount Bromo

So, why should you visit Mount Bromo? It’s quite famous among foreign local visitors. In fact, many foreign tourists often come to Bromo. What about you? The first reason to visit this great mountain is to watch the sunrise differently. It’s a romantic place to spend a vacation. Don’t miss the chance to look at the crater. It is smoking. The air is quite cold, as well. Once you reach the peak of the mountain, you may see the sand and sea. The prime gate to such location is through Camorolawang. It’s quite crowded so you must withstand the noises. It is even worse during holidays.

Mount Bromo offers many things to do. This way, you can enjoy your Indonesia holidays wholeheartedly. These include watching the scenery, sand walking, and camping. The most favored activity is horse riding. You are able to rent a horse from locals. In fact, the horse helps you reach the peak of Mount Bromo easier. Many anthropologists are intrigued by the mountain. They are passionate to do some research here. The mountain has been attracting more visitors over time. Despite the reasons to visit Mount Bromo, you must make a plan beforehand.


Making Some Preparations

When it comes to visiting Bromo Mountain, you must specify the time. Summer is the best occasion to visit it. It’s because you are able to watch the sunrise better. On the other hand, you can’t enjoy the sunrise during rainy season. There are thick clouds and fog covering the sun. Apart from the time, it’s also important to prepare your physical condition. Even though you aren’t going to climb the mountain, you must be ready to withstand cold weather. Not to mention, there are more than 200 stairs to reach the top of the mountain. With healthy and fit body, you are ready to deal with changing weather.

Basically, Mount Bromo is a top-notch tourist destination in East Java. The secret of wonderful Indonesia holidays is preparation. Regardless of the tourist destinations, you should make a preparation. For instance, you must book accommodation prior to visiting this place. There are some hotels near to Mount Bromo. When it comes to vehicle, a horse or a jeep is a good option. You can reach the peak easily riding those things. It’s also important to prepare personal equipment. Scarves, thick jacket, gloves, and shoes are compulsory. They help you reduce the cold. So, what do you think? Are you ready to visit Bromo Mountain?

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