Semeru Volcano and Its Interesting Features

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Semeru Volcano and Its Interesting Features

Semeru Volcano and Its Interesting Features

Indonesia is the home of numerous active volcanoes. Have you heard Semeru Volcano? It is a famous mountain in East Java. Not to mention it is the highest one in Java Island. In Indonesia, it becomes the third highest volcanoes. The other two are Rinjani and Kerinci. Apart from Semeru, there is another name of it. The locals also call it Mahameru. The meaning is the Grandiose Mountain. The shape is similar to a cone. The peak of the mountain is about 3,676 meters and it is called Jonggring Saloko.

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About Semeru Volcano

In terms of territory, Semeru belongs to two regencies. These include Lumajang and Malang. Still, it is part of East Java. Those who come to Bromo Tengger National Park may also visit such majestic volcano. The thing tourists should not get too close to the mountain. In fact, it is considered dangerous for visitors. In the south part of the mountain, you may see the flow of lava. It flows to the south area including Candipuro and Pronojiwo. That means the flow heads to Lumajang Regency.

Semeru Volcano

Ranu Kumbolo

The next thing to learn related to Semeru Volcano is the deadly gas. Even though trekkers are allowed to explore the mountain, it is better not to reach the summit of the mountain (Jonggring Saloko). As mentioned earlier, it is because of the deadly gas and the lava flow. The most dangerous part is the southern part of the mountain. The locals may warn you about “Wedhus Gembel”. It is the ashes of the volcano, actually.

If you want to conduct trekking in Semeru, it is better to be safe. The thing is there is a small explosion of deadly gas every 20 minutes. This phenomenon can be quite dangerous for visitors. Usually, this happens at noon. Therefore, you need to avoid coming to the mountain in the day. Some local people may warn tourists beforehand, so it is going to be safe for everyone. The main lure in Semeru is the flow of lava. It appears beautiful and charming indeed, but it is quite dangerous. Make sure not to get too close to it!


More about Semeru Volcano

The locals may tell you a story of a famous man called Soe Hok Gie. He died due to the deadly gas in 1969. His companion also died there. The name was Idhan Dhanvantari Lubis. Due to this fact, all tourists should be careful when visiting the mountain. Also, you need to pay attention to the climate. For those who don’t like rain, it is better not to come between November and April.

Today, Semeru Volcano has become a great place to spend a vacation. Thanks to the Bromo Tengger National Park. Not only Semeru Mountain, you can also find other mountains in such area. These include Widodaren, Watangan, Kursi, and Batok. All of them are indeed beautiful majestic. Apart from the beauty, Mahameru also offers an interesting legend. It is related to Hinduism, actually. For those who want to learn the story, there are local people and tour guides available. They become the best source of information to learn the story.


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