Several Things to Know about Travel Sumatra

About Travel Sumatra

Now we talk about travel Sumatra. Sumatra is one of the biggest islands in Indonesia. It’s also one of the largest islands in the world. Nature is beautiful and wild. Even though it’s prone to natural disasters, the island has been a top tourist destination. Its ecosystem is quite astonishing. No one can deny the attractiveness of the island. There are jungles, volcanoes, and beaches. it’s a place for both domestic and foreign visitors. A vacation in Sumatra can be a never ending journey. There are many beaches all over the world.


Exploring the Island For Travel Sumatra

There are many adventurous things to do. First, there’s Bukit Lawang. The most attractive vacation destination is the Orangutan sanctuary. For surfers, there’s Pulau Weh and the Mentawai Islands. Those are the best surf regencies in Sumatra. What about the cuisine? Sumatra is famous for its traditional culinary. There are Padang cuisines and Pempek. For a relaxing vacation, there’s Lake Toba. As an alternative, Mount Kerinci also offers a solemn and calming atmosphere for visitors. In Belitung, there are granite beaches. The beauty is unmatched.

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Sumatra Island becomes the home of various faunas and floras. There are famous red-haired orangutans. If you visit Kiluan, there are beautiful dolphins. The other well-known animals are elephants, rhinos, and Sumatran tigers. Apart from animals, there are also varieties of cultures. The most famous tribes are Batak and Minangkabau. In Aceh, there are many Muslims. If you go to Bangka-Belitung, you may see many Chinese people. Not to mention there are Nias people. Each culture lives in harmony. They have a mutual respect, too.

How can tourist visit Sumatra? There are many entry points. The most crowded entry point is Medan Airport. Visitors can reach the city and other tourist spots in Medan from the airport. The most popular destinations are Lake Toba and Bukit Lawang. The best way to travel around Sumatra is by air. The land roads are rough and uncomfortable. It will be tiring for tourists. Still, there are many rent services in some major cities. The price is a little bit pricey, though. You must prepare lots of money first.


Find Your Reason to Visit Sumatra

 The best attraction in Sumatra is its nature. There are lakes, mountains, beaches, and much more. Some naturalists visit the island because of the rare Sumatran tigers and rhinoceros. What’s more about travel Sumatra? Tourists can enjoy trekking. There are limitless peaks to do such activity. For surfers, Sumatra also offers beautiful offshores. Nias and Mentawai Islands are the most notable surfing spots. Scuba diving is another interesting to do in Sumatra.  The ocean water is clear and deep. There are marine lives, too.

Another attraction in Sumatra is its cuisine. Sumatran delicacies are indeed worth to eat. Local cuisines have attracted both domestic and foreign tourists. For instance, there’s Masakan Padang. It’s spicy and delicious. The portion is a little bit large. If you love savory foods, you can try Pempek. Overall, Sumatra is a perfect vacation destination for adventurers. Before visiting Sumatra, you need to learn several lists of vacation destinations. It helps you reach your favorite vacation spots in an efficient manner. Good luck!

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