A Short Vacation to Sabang Beach

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sabang beach

Sabang Beach

A vacation to Sabang should be one of your best experiences. It consists of beautiful beaches. These include Big La Laguna Beach, Small Laguna Beach, and Sabang Beach. At the first time, you can’t tell the difference between these beaches. However, you can feel separate nuance. Sabang Beach is notorious for its prostitution and bars. Still, it’s the liveliest among the others. It’s a perfect place for sunbathing, too. You may expect many people lying on the beach under the bright day. Also, the sea is astonishing.

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The Sabang Beach Vacation

Before visiting Sabang Beach, you must explore the other beaches. Both small and big La Laguna beaches are worth a visit. The first thing to do is to visit La Laguna Viewpoint. There’s a small path between those beaches. You need to follow it in order to reach the top of a hill. From this area, you can witness beautiful views of surrounding islands and beaches. Next, you can visit the lighthouse. It’s located near to Sinandigan village. It’s another good spot to witness the surrounding sceneries.

Sabang Beach has a similar beauty to the White Beach. Still, there are more activities to do here. For example, you can find shell-less snails nearby. Do you like scuba diving? Good. The beach is a good location for diving. Thanks to the marine sanctuary. There are numerous sea creatures like turtles and sharks. Also, there are some dive shops nearby. You can buy some stuff from those sellers. Sabang Beach offers some dive sites. Approximately, it takes a few minutes to reach those locations.

The most famous place to stay is Sheridan Beach Resort. It’s a perfect rest point for families. No worries. It doesn’t cost as much as you think. The resort also has the biggest swimming pool in that region. There’s even a pool bar in the midst of it. Near to the resort, you can reach an underground river. It’s an amazing nature wonder. It’s a good location to relieve your stress. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight.


More Things to Do Near Sabang Beach

Sabang isn’t focusing only on the beach. There’s also the falls. The water is quite refreshing. You can take pictures with your family in front of the falls. What a great vacation! Do you want more? There’s a Mangrove paddle boat tour. You can rely on the boatmen. They have the experience and knowledge. In fact, they may tell you some facts about this mangrove during the tour. Make sure that you start the tour in the morning. This way, you can prevent the bites of nik-niks. It’s a kind of local insect.

Another thing to do is to eat Tamilok. It’s a traditional food of this region. One thing, you need to eat this woodworm freshly. You can use vinegar as the dipping. Dare you try? Some tourists may explore more locations like Karst Mountain and Zipline. So, what do you think? Are you interested in visiting Sabang? It has a beautiful beach and nearby attractions. It’s more than a short vacation. You can even spend a week here.

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