A Smooth and Tasty Dessert – Durian Cake

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durian cake

Durian Cake

Durian is the king of fruits. The good news is you can create numerous recipes with it. One of them is durian cake. As the name suggests, the primary ingredient is durian flesh. Today, it becomes one of the best Indonesian desserts. You can find it mostly in Medan. It applies the pancake dough around the flesh. This way, the shape becomes similar to a pillow. The most common color is green. There is also yellow pancake dough. When it comes to the taste, it is quite tasty and smooth.

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About Durian Cake

 How can you get durian pancake? Well, there are two ways. First, you can create it. Second, you can simply buy it out there. The second option is way much simpler. You don’t need to spend much time creating durian pancake. Not to mention you don’t need to learn how to make this dessert. You can find it either at local market or restaurants. Even though it’s originally from Medan, you don’t need to go there. The pancake is available all through the nation.

durian cake

Durian pancake

The sellers would use a small refrigerator to preserve their durian pancake. There are also some ready-to-eat pancakes. You can buy them directly from them. In some malls, you can find durian pancake food courts. The price is a little bit pricier than other places, though. When it comes to the taste, both of them are quite similar. You can also eat this pancake on site. It’s sweet and smooth. The smell isn’t quite strong either. Some food courts offer creamier Durian cake, as well. It’s delicious!

Apart from durian cake, you can also buy other items. These include durian mambo ice. The durian cake and ice is a perfect pair. Semi-frozen durian cake is the best variety. Make sure that you also buy from reliable sellers. They must only use the durian fruits. Otherwise, the taste and texture of the durian cake won’t be good. What about the price? Well, it depends on the quality, size, and brands. Why don’t you try to make it? Everyone can learn how to make durian cake.


Serving Durian Cake

 The most important thing is the durian. Make sure that you get the right fruit. It can be a daunting task, though. The best durian comes in a whole and round shape. That means it has more flesh than oval-shaped durians. The next aspect is the stalk. Make sure that you choose durian with a bigger stalk. It’s the sign of abundant and thick durian flesh. Also, you can listen to the sound by knocking using a knife. A deep sound is the sign of good durians.

As for the preparations, you need to get coconut milk, whipped cream, eggs, salt, durian flesh, and wheat flour. Mix the eggs, salt, and wheat flour into a container. Pour the coconut milk gradually and mix it well. Prepare the cooking pan and put the wrappers. Include the dough and add some whipped creams in it. Remember, you shouldn’t overcook it. You can store durian cake in a fridge before serving.

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