Vacation in South East Sulawesi – Napabele Lake

Visit Indonesia - Napabele Lake

Visit Indonesia – Napabele Lake

A Splendid Vacation in South East Sulawesi – Napabele Lake

Many tourists love a water vacation. Do you have a similar preference? In this case, South East Sulawesi is an option when you visit Indonesia. It’s one of the provinces in Celebes Island. The capital city is Kendari. Since it’s a remote region, not many tourists know about the tourism in South East Sulawesi. There’s a good location for a vacation, though. The name is Napabele Lake. It’s suitable for those who love water. Not only local tourists, you can also find foreigners. That means the lake becomes more popular over time. What makes it a good tourist destination? will reveal it to you.


Reaching the Napabele Lake

The lake is situated at the bottom of a hill. As a matter of fact, it’s connected to the sea. If you love swimming, you can experience something unique there. However, beginners should stay away from this lake. It’s quite dangerous without proper experience. The tide can be harsh and high sometimes. Apart from Napabele, there’s also Motonunu Lake. It’s famous for its clean and fresh water. Even though it’s connected to the ocean, the water isn’t salty. Both Motonunu and Napabele Lake are situated in Muna Island.

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You can visit Indonesia and Napabele Lake by sailboat. The start point is Raha. It takes at least 45-50 minutes. Once you reach the lake, you can witness the beauty of sea and lake sceneries. These are astonishing natural charms. You can even ride a boat around the lake. It’s also possible to dive in the lake. While diving, you can see underwater views. Some tourists don’t dare to dive, though. There are also local fishermen. You can ask them to take you to get around the lake. Don’t forget to pay for their service.


It Offers Many Attractions

In the midst of the lake, you can find 3 big rocks. The shape is similar to a cup. These rocks are quite beautiful. They are covered by nature and green trees. It’s soothing scenery. The lake is also surrounded by different plants and high cliffs. These increase the beauty of this tourist vacation. If you love the panoramic view of this lake, you should visit its beautiful beaches too. There you can sunbathe and relax.

Summer is the perfect time to visit Indonesia. You can explore Napabale Lake in a more comfortable manner. It’s possible to rent a boat. Local fishermen will provide it for you. Since the boat driver is familiar with the lake, you don’t need to look for any tour guide. It will be an unforgettable vacation. Thanks to the local fishermen. You won’t get lost while spending a vacation in Napabale Lake. Is there any other adventure?


The Cave Exploration 

Another interesting activity is the cave exploration. If you aren’t satisfied yet, you can search and explore the cave. It’s situated near to Napabale Lake. The name is Kabori Cave. Local people call it Liang Kabori. You can see lots of prehistoric paintings on the cave walls. Dare you to visit Indonesia? Your holiday will be more interesting. Overall, Napabale Lake offers beautiful sceneries, nature, and an unspoiled cave.

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