Spicy Beef Dish from West Sumatra – Rendang

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Asia tour destination - Rendang

Indonesian Beef – Rendang Padang

One of the reasons to visit Indonesia is its traditional foods. The country becomes a great Asia tour destination among foreigners. Are you visiting Indonesia in the near future? In this case, you must choose West Sumatra province. Here, you can hunt authentic Rendang. What is it, exactly? Rendang is actually a traditional dish. The primary ingredient is beef. There are many spices included. Not to mention there’s coconut milk. Some literature even mentions this food. For instance, there is classical Malay literature. You should try this delicious food. If it’s cooked longer, both the taste and colors are better.


Taste and Texture

Rendang is a unique food. It’s a perfect combination of meat and sauce. It’s a really good food. The sauce is spicy and the beef is sticky. The paste is authentic. That means it doesn’t come from packet paste. The meat is quite tender. It’s stewed in spices and coconut milk. Needless to say, Indonesia has lots of spices or rempah. Thanks to such kind of variety, the meat has different types of flavors. Many foreign tourists are addicted to Rendang. This can happen to you as well. This is definitely a unique food. Indonesia should be your vacation destination.


What is in Rendang?

A recommended Asia tour destination is Indonesia. More people are visiting the country as they want to eat authentic Rendang. This traditional food is both popular among foreigners and local people. Usually, the cook uses beef. There are other variations as well. These include mutton and chicken. When it comes to spices, there are garlic, galangal, ginger, chilies, turmeric, lime leaves, and shallots. The cook may use a wide pot. It allows the milk to dissolve over time when cooking. It requires both patience and skill. It’s important not to let the milk to curdle due to over boiling.


Where to find it and How Much?

The best place to find Rendang is in Padang restaurants. You can find them in almost all regions in Indonesia. You can choose either regular or luxurious Padang restaurants. If you choose the best one, you must prepare more budgets. The tables, chairs, and waiters are excellent. Luxurious restaurants also offer better foods. You won’t get disappointed spending time here. Overall, it’s worth your money. You only need to sit and relax. The waiters will serve the best Rendang on your table. The price is around Rp. 25.000-Rp.40.000 / plate. Apart from Indonesia, you can also eat Rendang in Singapore and Malaysia.

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In summary, all tourists shouldn’t miss Rendang. You aren’t the exception. Your vacation in West Sumatra is incomplete without eating such traditional food. The sauce is thick and complex. Spending time in a Padang restaurant will be an unforgettable experience. The harmony of ingredients makes Rendang a wonderful food. In fact, you can learn how to cook it. Local people are friendly. They might teach you, for sure. An Asia tour destination like Indonesia won’t disappoint you. Since the country has many traditional foods, you can try them all. That means you must visit Indonesia often. These foods are all delicious and unique.

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