A Splendid Tour Indonesia – Krui Lampung

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Tour Indonesia - Krui Beach

Tour Indonesia – Krui Beach in Lampung

If you want to enjoy a beautiful tour Indonesia, you should know your options. Indonesia isn’t only about Bali Island. There are other stunning places to visit. For example, there’s Krui in Lampung. It’s a beautiful place for water sports lovers. That means it’s suitable for surfers, too. Krui has a similar beauty to Lombok Island. However, surfers prefer Krui due to its high waves. It’s a more challenging place for surfers. Foreign tourists consider Krui as one of the paradises in Indonesia.

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Enjoy Various Water Sports in Krui

 Since Krui offers an amazing experience for surfers. There are several beaches there. The most famous ones are Berandai and Tanjung Setia. As mentioned earlier, the waves are high. It’s quite amazing, isn’t it? Not only Krui is suitable for surfing, but it’s also a nice place to dive. The best location to dive is near to Pisang Island. You may find beautiful coral and numerous marine lives around the island. In the afternoon, you can sit back and enjoy a beautiful sunset at the beach.

How can tourists spend an amazing tour Indonesia in Krui? As long as you know how to get there, you are good to go. Krui is situated in Lampung province. It’s near to Barisan Mountain’s valley. If you are a foreigner, you should use a commercial airplane. Your first destination is Soetta Airport in Jakarta. From there, you should head to Raden Diamond II Airport. It’s in Bandar Lampung. From this airport, you need to travel by car to Krui.

No worries. There are many places to stay. Once you arrive in Krui regency, you can ask the local guide regarding the inns. Tanjung Setia and Pugung Tampak are recommended spots to stay. After all, each of the regions has its own uniqueness. On top of that, you don’t need to spend too much money for lodging. It’s way cheaper than Bali’s. However, you can’t find a five-star hotel in Krui. There are only villas, cottages, and home stays. The cost is around $40/ day.


Tour Indonesia – The Pisang Island

 Krui regency is one of the best destinations of a tour Indonesia in Sumatra. It’s an unspoiled tourist spot. Visitors can explore it further. Apart from the beauty of the beaches, Krui also has the Pisang Island. There’s also Ranau Lake. Both of them improve the beauty of Krui regency. How can you reach the Pisang Island? It’s easy. Local people provide boats for visitors. You can ride the boat to go to the island. It takes 20-30 minutes. The cost is up to 350,000 IDR. It can be less than that, though.

Tour Indonesia - Pisang Island West Lampung

Tour Indonesia – Pisang Island West Lampung, for more information visit http://backpackerlampung.com/

In Pisang Island, you can enjoy the beautiful beach. Most visitors sunbathe and surf there. What about you? It’s also possible to see sea creatures like dolphins. It’s definitely an amazing tour Indonesia. The best time to see the dolphins is between April-May. It’s the tuna season. Dolphins come near to the island to hunt tuna. To reach the island, you should take a fishing boat from Tembakak. It’s also possible to come from Krui Pier. Good Luck!

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