Sultan’s Palace Yogyakarta – Wonderful Indonesia Place

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wonderful Indonesia – The Majestic Sultan’s Palace in Yogyakarta

The Majestic Sultan’s Palace in Yogyakarta as a Wonderful Indonesia Place

A wonderful Indonesia vacation includes many beautiful places. Yogyakarta is a special province. It’s located in the Central Java. One of the best vacation destinations in Yogyakarta is Sultan’s Palace. Local people call it Kraton. It’s Sultan’s residence. The size of the palace is quite big. Some visitors explore it by foot, though. Do you mind to walk? You can enjoy Javanese culture within the palace. Kraton was built by Prince Mangkubumi. It was in 1755. That means it has been hundreds of years old. The palace remains firm. It’s well-maintained as well.


What makes it Special as wonderful Indonesia ?

A vacation in Yogyakarta Palace will give a memorable experience for you. The palace actually connects the Mount Merapi in the north and Parangtritis Beach in the south. That means the palace is the center of the line. There are 2 booth doors. You can find the first door near to Alun-Alun Utara. The other one is Regol Keben. If you come from the north door, you can find some antique carriages. If you come from the Regol Keben, you may find the Kencono Ward. It’s the main hall of the palace.

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Inside the Sultan’s Palace, you can find some faithful servants. Not to mention there are some valuable properties of the palace. These items are kept inside glass boxes. If you come at the right time, you can enjoy various performances like shadow puppet shows, macapat, traditional dances, etc. There’s different performance every day. You need to find out the schedule first. The good news is that you don’t need to spend more money to watch those performances. There’s no need to pay extra costs.

Visiting the Sultan’s Palace is one of the most wonderful Indonesia vacations. Most of the visitors want to enjoy the elegant and calm atmosphere around the palace. You can even witness various Javanese cultures inside the palace. It opens from 8 in the morning. It closes at 1pm. There’s the entrance fee. Still, you need to give a tip for the guide. There’s a scam activity among the guides. They may bring you to the servants’ batik workshop. It’s their trick to make more money from you. They only bring you to local batik shop.


How much is the Fee?

For local tourists, the ticket fee is around 7000 IDR. For foreigners, it’s a little bit expensive. It’s around 13,000 IDR. If you bring a camera, you need to pay more. The guide tipping starts from 30,000 IDR. Even though you need to spend more money on this vacation, you may enjoy it well. It’s worth the money. Don’t forget to come with your family. It will be quite fun and memorable.

As a wonderful Indonesia tourist destination, Sultan’s Palace becomes more popular over time. Once you explore the palace, you can continue your journey to the nearest vacation spots. First, you need to visit Wijilan Street. There are various Gudeg’s eateries. The most famous one is Gudeg Yu Djum. Next, you can visit Taman Sari, Malioboro, Dagadu, Pasty, and other tourist spots. All of them are worth to visit. Have fun!

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