Sumatra Surfing – A Dream Come True

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Sumatra surfing

Sumatra surfing in Nias island

Sumatra Island is a top destination for tourists. Nesia will give any information about Sumatra surfing in this article. A boat trip to Sumatra is also interesting. There’s another attraction, though. Most of the visitors enjoy a surfing activity in Sumatra. It’s because the island has been a paradise for surfers. The waves are great and the sceneries are amazing. Both beginners and pro surfers would definitely love it. It’s the magnet for surfers. Usually, surfers come to the island in March. The weather remains good until November. That means they have guaranteed surf spots in Sumatra.


Visiting Good Sumatra Surfing Spots

Foreign tourists may enjoy surf packages in Sumatra. You should do the same. Many regions offer accessible surf spots for everyone. Not to mention there are unspoiled spots out there. The option is indeed limitless. The most popular Sumatra surfing spot is in Lampung. It’s situated in the south part of Sumatra. The wave is quite rich. It’s popular among surfers. The exact location is in Krui. If you look for the best wave, you must visit Karang Nyimbor. You can find different types pf waves in this area.

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Indonesia offers various marine attractions. Sumatra is one of the best destinations for surfing. Most of the part of the country is the ocean. Apart from Krui, there are other interesting surf spots destinations in Sumatra. For instance, there’s Mentawai Island. Professional surfers acknowledge the Mentawai’s waves as the third best ones in the world. Is it difficult to reach Mentawai? There aren’t many people living in the island. In order to reach Mentawai Island, you must spend 150 km of sea trip.

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Most of the part of Mentawai Island is covered by wild forest. The waves are challenging. Surfers aren’t able to refuse the temptation, for sure. That means Mentawai is a great spot for surfing. There have been many surf resorts on this island. It has attracted more foreign visitors as well. Thus, it becomes the pride of Sumatra. The best time to surf is between April-August. The weather is nice and the waves are great. It’s during the summer season in Europe.


More Things to Learn About Sumatra Surfing

If you come at the right time, the waves are quite high. Pro surfers definitely love it. There are hundreds of surf spots in Sumatra. Some of them have been acknowledged by foreign countries. There are also some interesting events like World Champions Surfing Series. During the event, there are thousands of registered surfers. They try to win the competition. Overall, both Krui and Mentawai have attracted either local or foreign surfers. You must try it someday. It will be a wonderful surfing experience for you.

The local government of Sumatra has conducted lots of improvement. That means they provide good facilities for surfers. There’s also the limit of surfers for a single surf spot. Usually, it takes no more than 10 surfers in it. Why? It prevents accidents and injuries. Even beginners are able to enjoy a fun and safe surf activity in Sumatra. What about you? Are you ready to visit Sumatra? You need to prepare, as well. At least, you know the destination. What’s more? You need to be safe.

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