Sumatran Orangutan – Are They Endangered?

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Sumatran Orangutan

Sumatran Orangutan

Sumatra Island is rich in culture. There’s a unique species in Sumatran tropical rainforests. The name is Sumatran orangutan. The meaning of their name is “people of forest”. They live among the trees and spend much of their time there. The fact is that they aren’t likely to travel on the ground. Actually, they have similar characteristics to those of the Borneo orangutan. The males are quite solitary. They spend their time looking for foods, breeding, and hanging around the trees. Are they live happily in the rainforests of Sumatra?

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About Sumatran Orangutan

Learning Sumatran orangutan facts are somewhat interesting. This species lived widely all over the Sumatra Island. Some of them were distributed over Java, as well. Today, they can be seen only in the north part of the island. They are actually an Asian ape. Their arms are long and these can stretch up to 2 meters. Their coat is reddish and shaggy. The male orangutans have a unique characteristic. The name is cheek pads. These flanges are situated on both sides of their face.

What are the differences between Sumatran orangutan and Borneo ones? They are more sociable. They often come together to feed in trees. This is the only significant difference between them. That means they share the same characteristics as well. For instance, they can live long. In the age of 15, the females are ready to give birth. In terms of mobility, they move slowly. They spend most of the nights in nests. The nest is quite similar to a canopy. Sumatran orangutan habitat is indeed unique.

What about the foods? Orangutans eat mostly figs and pulpy fruit. Thanks to Sumatran rainforests. There are more foods than in Borneo. In fact, these animals are smarter. They are able to learn to use tools. For example, they use sticks to poke some stinging fruits. They also use it to find termites. Actually, they had been spread all over South East Asia. Today, they are only living in Sumatra Island.


The Reduced Amount of Sumatran Orangutan

The question is whether they are endangered or not. Yes, they are. So, why is the Sumatran orangutan endangered? The prime reason is the human. Many people hunt these animals relentlessly. Since orangutans move slowly, they become an easy target. Illegal logging also becomes a reason. Orangutans lose their habitat due to this activity. People eradicate forests to create new lands and gold mines. Not to mention orangutans have a slow breeding speed. These are the biggest issues. Both government and local people should do something about it.

why is the Sumatran orangutan endangered

Orangutan Information Centre (YOSL-OIC) to evacuate the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) in the village of Kuala Musam, Langkat, North Sumatera

One of the best methods to avoid the extinction of Sumatran orangutan is the conservation. Today, they have been protected by Indonesian law. They are included in the CITES. There’s a prohibition on animal trading and forest exploitation. There’s also a large national park in Sumatra. This becomes a national conservation of orangutans and other endangered animals. Hopefully, these efforts come to fruition. The key is to protect their habitat and stop harmful activities. Illegal logging and hunting should be banned forever.

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