Sumba Island is a Worthy Vacation Destination

Sumba Island

Sumba Island

Sumba Island is a Worthy Vacation Destination for Tourists

Many people can’t differentiate between Sumbawa and Sumba. These are different islands. Sumba island is located in the east part of Nusa Tenggara. What about Sumbawa? It’s located in the west part of the island. Even though Sumba offers beautiful tourist spots, it isn’t popular among westerners. The island only has a small amount of people. The land is quite hot. There are many big hills around the street. The approximate number of population is no more than 700,000. So, what are the good sides of Sumba?


About Sumba Island

It’s a little bit difficult to reach tourist spots in Sumba. The tourism infrastructure and resorts are quite limitless. However, it’s a rewarding experience. Sumba offers a unique culture. It’s suitable for those who love traditional cultures. There are some beautiful beaches as well. Sumba is a hidden gem in Indonesia. It should be more popular among foreign tourists. At least, the government should promote the island to nearby countries. Word of mouth is also an effective way of promotion.

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Most of the people in Sumba are Christians. There are some animists as well. They practice a remote and traditional ritual. It’s one of the attractions in Sumba. Merapu religion becomes more popular recently. Many travelers try to learn more about it. Still, Christianity becomes a dominant religion in Sumba. It’s due to the Evangelical church influence. In terms of history, Sumba was the part of Dutch colonialism. It didn’t have many records of history, though. The majority of people recognize Sumba as a beautiful vacation destination.

Since Sumba is part of global Neolithic age burial practice, there are many stone structures or megaliths around the island. Visitors can witness such amazing stones. Another interesting attraction is the pasolas. It’s a traditional ritual. Local people conduct a horseback ritual in February-March. The mounted riders have a battle ritual using spears. This is a dangerous ritual. Some fatalities may occur accidentally. It’s conducted every year. It has been one of Sumba’s attractions for decades.


More Attractions in Sumba Island

What’s next? When you are in Sumba, you must visit several villages like Waikabubak and Waingapu. The best way to reach the villages is by a public transportation. Bemo is a common transportation in Sumba. Don’t forget to bargain. The price can be higher for foreign tourists. The English language isn’t quite popular in Sumba. Foreign tourists should learn some Indonesia language. It can be a huge help while in Sumba. In the local villages, you can get close to local people. They are friendly and fun. It’s an opportunity to learn their culture.

Sumba also has unique culinary. Their prime delicacy is goat cuisines. Many restaurants are available in Waikabubak. You can also find some eateries in Waingapu. It’s also easy to find some beers. Bottled tea and coke are popular as well. Don’t forget to try some juices. Local cuisines are more than enough. Tourists shouldn’t expect luxurious foods, though.  Since Sumba consists of many Christians, the majority of people eat pork. No worries. There are chicken, fish, and goat as well. Enjoy!

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