Sweet and Addictive Food from Java – Gudeg

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Asia tour destination - Gudeg as cullinary from Jogja

Asia tour destination – Gudeg as cullinary from Jogja

Java Island is the center of Indonesia. There are many interesting cities to visit. As an Asia tour destination, Indonesia provides many options for you. For example, there’s a cultural city of Yogyakarta. Apart from its culture, you can enjoy its traditional food. The name is Gudeg. The main ingredient is unripe jackfruit. Local people call it “nangka muda” or “gori”. The cook may boil it with coconut milk and palm sugar. Needless to say, he or she may include some spices such as bay leaves, candlenut, teak leaves, etc. These spices turn the color of the dish into a reddish brown.


Types of Gudeg

Fortunately, you can find some variations of this food. In terms of texture, there are wet and dry Gudeg. You can also find different styles of Gudeg. There are East Javanese, Solo, and Jogja style. If you don’t like too much sauce, you need to choose the dry texture. On the other hand, wet Gudeg includes more coconut milk. In Yogyakarta, it’s drier and sweeter. Solo style is soupy. It contains more sauce and water. If you love spicy foods, you must choose East Javanese one. It uses spicier sauce. It’s suitable for those who can withstand hot flavor.

This traditional of a famous Asia tour destination is served uniquely. Even though there are many side dishes, Gudeg is actually a vegetarian food. The most popular extras are chicken and eggs. You also need to eat it with steamed rice. There’s a unique stew called krechek. It’s the stew of crisp beef skins. So, where can you find this food? If you want to taste sweet Gudeg, you must visit Jogja. Solo style has a similar flavor, but it’s more watery. In East Java, Gudeg is spicier. That means you can choose different variations based on the location. Most of the tourists visit Yogyakarta, though.


Buying Gudeg in Yogyakarta

A vacation to Yogyakarta is incomplete without eating Gudeg. It’s a traditional food of this city. In fact, many people call Jogja as the city of Gudeg. The best place to find this food is in some restaurants near to Sultan’s palace. There’s an area called Wijilan. You can buy it either using clay jar or bamboo box. Just because Gudeg is a famous food of Yogyakarta, doesn’t mean you need to visit this city. Today, you can find it in restaurants throughout Indonesia regions. It’s actually a well-known food in Javanese eateries. Even you can find it in Singapore and other neighboring countries.

The last question is related to the price. Well, it depends on the side dishes. You must pay around Rp. 8000 to Rp. 30.000. Remember, you must pay more for taking home Gudeg. Some restaurants may charge you more that Rp.100.000. What do you think? Are you going to buy it? There’s nothing can compare the experience. You can’t find authentic Gudeg in your country. Indonesia is a unique Asia tour destination. A traditional food like Gudeg makes this nation more interesting. More tourists will come here, for sure. You aren’t an exception. Don’t forget to prepare your money first.

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