Taking Advantages of Ginger Coffee Recipe

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Ginger Coffee Recipe

Ginger Coffee Recipe

Now we talk about Ginger Coffee Recipe. Coffee is one of the best commodities in Indonesia. Do you like drinking Indonesian coffee? Here’s an idea. Why don’t you add ginger to your coffee? The combination of coffee and ginger is the best. Each of the ingredients has unique health benefits. The best thing is their antioxidant. It helps prevent cancer and other health problems. Coffee is popular due to its health benefits. For instance, it prevents diabetes, cancers, Parkinson’s, etc. What about ginger? Not only it fights cancerous cells, but it also promotes healthy cholesterol.

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What are the Benefits?

The question is why you should add ginger to the coffee. The answer is simple. It improves the health benefits of those ingredients. Another reason is the taste. Combining coffee and ginger improve the taste of such beverage. There are two types of ginger. They are fresh and powdered ginger. Both of them are good. If you look for simplicity, the first option is better. What about fresh ginger? It gives better health benefits. It can remove nausea and mucus. Either way, ginger warms your body.


Ginger Coffee Recipe

Next, it’s time to decide whether you buy or make the ginger coffee. It isn’t difficult. You only need to find the right recipe. First, you need to gather the ingredients. Use 5 tablespoons ground coffee. Make sure that you use the original one. Grated orange peel is also needed. The other primary ingredients are chopped ginger and ground cinnamon. Don’t forget to prepare cold water. These ingredients are easy to find. You can buy from a local market. In some cases, whipped cream can be the additional ingredient.

A cup of ginger coffee contains 20 calories. There’s no cholesterol and fat. It contains 5g carbohydrate, 3mg sodium, and 1g protein. Once you prepare the ingredients, you need to combine cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, and the coffee into a filter. Brew it well. After a few minutes, pour it into mugs. You can add cinnamon sticks and whipped cream if desired. It’s suitable for 6 servings. Candied ginger is usually available in a grocery store. That means you can find it easily.


Another Variant of Ginger Coffee Recipe

Apart from Indonesian ginger coffee, there are several variations out there. For instance, there’s dry ginger coffee. The other name is Chukku Kapi. It has a sweet and spicy taste. Actually, it’s an original beverage in South Indian. Local people drink it for a home remedy. It helps reduce fever and cold. It also can help reduce throat infections. Not only it’s simple, but it also gives an instant result. It improves stamina as well. Today, the world recognizes it as one of the best beverages on the planet.

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Regardless of the origins of ginger coffee, it’s a worthy beverage. No one should underestimate the benefits of ginger coffee. It’s a flexible beverage. That means you can drink it either during a warm or cold season. Instead of buying an instant ginger coffee, you should make it by yourself. It’s simple and easy. Not to mention it doesn’t take much time. You can find the recipe online, as well. Enjoy!

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