Tanjung Aan Beach in Lombok – A Heavenly Place in Indonesia

best places to travel in Lombok - Tanjung Aan beach

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Lombok is a part of Indonesia. This island is as good as Bali. What do people want to do there? Perhaps each of you has a different reason. As one of the best places to travel in Indonesia, Lombok Island has many tourist places to visit. The island has many beaches to explore. There’s one of them called Tanjung Aan. The sand is soft and comfortable. Your feet can feel it well. It’s quite comfortable.


Amusing Beauty of Tanjung Aan

On top of that, it has a white color. The visitors will be amazed. You can feel the same. There’s no need to wear footwear. You can walk barefoot on the beach sand. There’s the hill nearby. Tourists often come to that hill. From this location, you are able to oversee the beauty of Tanjung Aan. The sea has beautiful color. It’s the combination of green and blue. The white sand makes it more stunning. If you like photography, you can take valuable pictures here.

Foreigners call this tourist location as Cape Aan. That means both local and foreign tourists have recognized Tanjung Aan as a good tourist destination. There are many things to do. For example, you can play water, swim, and sunbathe. In terms of hospitality, the beach is quite solemn. It’s because there’s no hotel or resort nearby. If you want to spend a night, you should look for a hotel in other location. The beach is suitable either to relax. You can relieve our stress there.


It’s Peaceful and Clean

Since it’s a peaceful beach, you can have your own space. There’s no need to mingle with other visitors. Thanks to that. The beach is pure and clean. There is no trash. If you come with a family, you can play around freely. Your kids will enjoy their time playing on the beach. You and your spouse can improve your relationship. It’s one of the best places to travel in Lombok Indonesia. No one can refuse the allure of this beach.

Is it difficult to reach Tanjung Aan? In order to reach this location, it’s recommended to use a rented car. The approximate trip is around 2-3 hours. As mentioned earlier, you can’t find hotels near to Tanjung Aan. The closest hotels are situated near to Kuta beach. The price varies. It depends on the size and facilities. The beach is quiet. It will be lonesome if you come there alone. It’s better to bring your family. If you want to get around, you need to bring a local guide. It’s easy to find.

The best time to visit Tanjung Aan is during the dry season. It doesn’t matter if you come during a holiday or business day. The beach is solemn. You won’t get disturbed by other visitors. It’s suitable both for a family vacation or a honeymoon. Overall, Tanjung Aan belongs to the list of the best places to travel in Indonesia. It’s a part of a beautiful Lombok Island. Remember, you need to bring a camera. You won’t miss the memorable events, will you?

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