Tempe – One of the Healthiest Foods in the World



What is tempe? It’s also called tempeh. The food is originated from Java Island, Indonesia. It’s indeed a unique food. Local people in Java create it from a natural fermentation process. The prime ingredient is soybeans. The culturing process may bind the beans into a form of a cake. Tempeh is famous for its protein. It’s as good as tofu. In fact, their major ingredient is the same. They have different textural and nutritional qualities, though. Not only tempeh is rich in protein, but it also contains lots of vitamins and dietary fibers.

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Health Benefits of Tempe

There are many health benefits of food tempe. Some people believe that tempeh is able to promote stronger bones and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Soybeans are famous for their nutrients. They are able to fight bad cholesterol and toxins. In the form of tempeh, they have improved nutrients. The fibers increase the function of digestive system. With these health benefits, this food has become popular across the world. In fact, many countries use it in vegetarian dishes. It’s the best replacement for meat.

In Java Island, tempe is abundant. Many people sell it. On the other hand, the amount of tempeh is limited in other countries. Some Indonesians live abroad to sell tempeh. They also teach others to make such delicious and nutritious food. In fact, it’s easy to make tempeh. The key is to use the right ragi (tempeh starter). Countries with 4 seasons are likely to fail in producing tempeh. Why is that? It’s due to the unbalanced temperature. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. They only need to put more efforts.

There’s a controversy, though. In the United States, there are some health risks in eating soy. It isn’t true. Most of the soybeans in the US are highly processed. Thus, the food isn’t giving any health benefits. On a contrary, tempeh is a healthier option. Why? It’s considered a whole food. It doesn’t undergo any process at all. The fermentation in tempeh is a good thing. As mentioned earlier, it helps improve human’s digestive system. There is also bioactive peptides concentration. It adds the overall value of tempeh.


Tempe is a Great Food

According to the experts, tempeh is considered one of the best dietary foods. It has lots of useful nutrients for the body. These include calcium, vitamin K, fibers, iron, folate acid, magnesium, and many others. Moreover, it can be a good choice for dieting. Some people replace meat with tempeh. They have a good cholesterol reduction. Thanks to this precious food. In fact, it’s safe to consume tempeh daily. Since it is a whole food, everyone can consume it without worries.



Overall, tempe isn’t only popular in Indonesia. The world has recognized it as one of the healthiest foods. It contains numerous nutrition and fibers. Not to mention it can be processed into various cuisines. Most of the people fry tempeh, while the others use it in soup. There are more variants these days. People can enjoy it either in street stands or luxury restaurants. They can even learn to make tempeh at home. What a great food!

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