Things You Should Know about Agarwood

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Agarwood From PALI

Agarwood / Gaharu / Karas From PALI (Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir Regency)

You should know how important agarwood is. The problem is many of you don’t even recognize agarwood. There are many names for it. In Indonesia, it is called gaharu. The other names are eaglewood. The plant is popular for its medicinal benefits. Actually, it is used for perfumes, too. The plant grows abundantly in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and much more. It grows well in moist conditions and shady areas. Still, you can even find it in rocky and slopes area.

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Taking Advantage of Agarwood

Agarwood has become an important source for local people. Thanks to its fragrant quality. It actually comes from the resin. Do you even know how it is produced? It is all about fungal invasion and wounding. With this process, the tree may release resin. Usually, it happens naturally. Today, people start exploiting the resin using an artificial procedure. It is because they want to satisfy the demand for agarwood oil in the market. Due to its scarcity, this commodity becomes more expensive as the time goes by.



It is difficult to determine whether a tree may contain such resin. There are no external signs. It can only be seen after you cut the tree open. Due to this reason, the searching for agarwood oil costs many trees. That means it degrades the amount of trees in the forest. The worst, not all of these trees have resin in it. Not to mention there is a decline in number. The problem becomes worse due to illegal tree cutting. It happens mostly in Southeast Asia countries.

This valuable commodity is used in numerous forms such as powder, wood chips, oil, medicines, perfumes, and much more. Today, it has been exported to numerous countries like Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Taiwan. In order to increase the production number, people start applying artificial agarwood induction. There are different artificial techniques to induce this commodity. These methods have been developed by local communities. It is because wild plants exploitation is considered insufficient to meet the market demand.


Natural vs. Artificial Agarwood Cultivation

People in Vietnam may cut a hole in the branches or tree trunk. The wound of the tree should remain in order to generate resin. Not to mention the tree should remain alive. Even though artificial techniques are quite promising, it is better to produce agarwood naturally. That means people should grow trees in plantations. The natural cultivation is the best method to produce such valuable commodity. Tropical countries are considered the best regions to grow it. These include Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asia countries. The farmers may cultivate the trees between 6-10 years old.

The quality depends on ecological management and conservation. Today, many countries in Southeast Asia have developed a significant approach to increase agarwood production. They also deal with some threats so the trees can grow abundantly. Overall, there is an increase in demand. More people have recognized its benefits. What about you? It is commonly used in perfumes and medicines. Only tropical countries can easily grow the trees. That means other countries should be an importer of it.

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