Things to Know about the Mentawai Islands

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Mentawai Islands

Mentawai Islands

There are about 70 islands in the Mentawai Islands. This region is situated in the west part of Sumatra. The largest island is Siberut. What is the best about such province? Well, many tourists have gained a wonderful surfing experience in Mentawai. It’s a top destination for surfing. Actually, it’s easy to reach Mentawai. There are many charter yachts available at Padang harbor. Usually, tourists take Ambu-Ambu ferry due to its affordability. It’s good either to travel alone or with friends. For surfers, they will meet other like-minded tourists in Mentawai.

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The Surfing Activity in the Mentawai Islands

Surfing is the best activity to do in Mentawai. However, there are other fun things to do like diving, trekking, and fishing. When it comes to surfing, it’s better to visit Mentawai in April-November. 4 Bobs is considered as a popular surf spot on the island. It’s suitable surf spot for both beginners and experts. The ocean is clean and beautiful. Some spots have the best wave as well. Surfers have been familiar with Kandui Left and Right. Due to fast waves, it’s a little bit difficult for newbies. There’s also the Kandui Right. The other name is the Rifles. The waves are straight and consistent.

Simply said, Mentawai Islands are the surfers’ heaven. There are many beautiful islands, beaches, and good waves. The surfing activity has been popular since 1990. Today, it becomes one of the best surf destinations for tourists. Apart from surfing, visitors can also learn the way of traditional living. They can even meet Mentawai tribe. There are also many local animals around. It’s fun to explore the island. Today, there have been many luxury resorts available. Tourists can find an affordable and comfortable place to stay.

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Mentawai is one of the regions of West Sumatra. Most of the indigenous people live in Siberut, Sipora, South Pagai, and North Pagai. The capital of Mentawai regency is Tua Pejat. There’s a unique traditional house. The name is Uma. Tourists can also meet the head of the tribe (Sakerei). Visiting Mentawai isn’t a disappointing experience. Even though there are many luxury resorts, tourists can enjoy a good sleep in Uma. It’s an opportunity to feel the traditional atmosphere of the island.


The Popularity of Mentawai Islands

According to local people, many foreign tourists come to Mentawai islands ever week. These people come from Europe and the United States. Usually, they may choose Uma as the place for sleeping. They want to feel the exotic and traditional life of local people. Near to villages, there’s the Butui River. It’s a calming experience for all tourists. Thanks to foreign visitors. Local people in Mentawai can earn lots of money.

There are local guides in Mentawai. Tourists won’t get lost when exploring the island. They teach tourists with local language and traditions. The government has done many improvements in Mentawai. Not to mention there are many resorts near to beaches. Many surfers rent such resort so they can reach the beach easily. Surfing is the most popular thing to do in Mentawai. The waves are considered the best one in the world after Hawaii and Tahiti. Are you brave enough to try?

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