All Things to Learn about Rambutan

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Rambutan is one of the most exotic fruits in the world. It is named after its hairy exterior. Rambut means “hair”, after all. Despite such uncommon shape, the fruit has great flavor. It contains delicious and fresh flesh. Somehow, the taste is similar to that of lychees. Despite its uncommon appearance, the fruit is considered nutritious. That means you can get numerous health benefits from it.

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Various Health Benefits of Rambutan

Such fruit contains lots of vitamin C. In fact, it can fulfill more than 50% of daily necessity of vitamin C. What you need to do is to consume 100 grams of fresh pulps. This way, you can prevent numerous types of troublesome diseases such as flu and cold. In some cases, it helps you deal with stresses and numerous mental issues. Not to mention it can improve the resistance against free radicals.

It is said the fruit also becomes a wonderful source of copper. Perhaps many of you overlook the importance of copper. The thing is your body always needs it. If you are lacking such mineral, you can easily suffer bone issues, ruptured vessels, and anemia! Not to mention it can lead to excessive fatigue. Eating such hairy fruit improves the level of copper in your body. Aside from preventing those problems, you are able to get healthier hair.


Choosing the Right Rambutan

In Indonesia, Rambutan grows abundantly. The fruit also grows well in other tropical nations, especially Southeast Asia countries. The best place to buy it is from the farmers. Still, buying in grocery stores isn’t a bad idea. Here is the thing. If it is possible, you should get the fruit which is still on the branch. Why is that? It contains more nutrients! For the best health benefits, you also need to eat it raw. It is easy to eat the fruit, after all. Some people love to make a juice of it, though.

For those who live in Indonesia, you are lucky. It is because you can find numerous types of such hairy fruit. The most popular one is Rapiah. The color is dominantly yellow and green. The hair is shorter and rougher than other types, as well. Despite its unappealing appearance, it tastes sweet! Not to mention it features thick and chewy flesh. Next, you have the Narmada. This one has a brighter appearance. The taste is sweets and the flesh is a little bit harder. It is popular in West Nusa Tenggara.

Sinyonya is your next option. It appears hairier than others. The flesh is quite chewy and the taste is a little bit sour. Not to mention it contains more water than others. Thus, the flesh is chewier as well. Binjai is also popular. It has the dark red color and the hair is quite rare. Even though it features thick flesh, it is sticky!

Apart from those types of Rambutan in Indonesia, you can find other options as well. These include Garuda, Kapulasan, Lebak Bulus, Si Batuk Ganal, Antalagi, Tangkue Lebak, Cimacan, Bahrang, and Sibongkok. You are lucky if you can taste all of them. In this case, you should never miss them when visiting such country in the next future. Enjoy!


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