A Thrilling Vacation in Komodo Island

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Komodo Island

Komodo Island

One of the most amazing Indonesia vacations is on Komodo Island. You can witness majestic Komodo dragons in this island. This animal is considered as the largest lizard on the planet. It’s also the rarest lizard in the world. Most of them live in Flores Island. However, their population is in danger. It’s due to habitat loss issue. Despite this condition, many tourists are interested in visiting the island. Are you one of them? It’s a worth to try. You can see directly to such giant lizard.

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Attractions in Komodo Island

Most visitors have a huge expectation in Komodo Island. They want to witness the paradise in a tropical island. Rinca Island is also the part of attraction. In order to reach those islands, you need to ride a boat. During the trip, you can enjoy the beautiful sky and sea. The beaches are also astonishing. It’s indeed a wonderful trip for everyone. You don’t even need to be afraid of Komodo. These lizards are dangerous. However, there are local rangers around. They keep you away from those animals.

What’s next? There’s Pink Beach. You can reach this beautiful beach by boat. If you come from Komodo Island, it takes about 25 minutes. What is it about? Is the beach actually pink? Yes, it is. How come? The mixture of the golden colored sand and coral fragment makes the pink color. It’s a mesmerizing beach. It’s situated in a secluded location. That means you can feel a peaceful atmosphere here. The beach is your destination to release your stresses. It’s even relaxing to sit on the beach.

The water is clear and shallow. It’s a perfect location for snorkeling. The Pink Beach is also a good location for swimming. It feels like a heaven. There’s a famous sea creature here. The name is clown fish. It’s a Nemo! You can see this beautiful fish while snorkeling. Both Komodo and Pink Beaches are tourists’ tropical paradise. It offers both beauty and peace. It’s suitable for a family vacation and a honeymoon. There are many foreigners as well.


Visiting Komodo Island

The most famous tourist destination in Komodo Island is the Komodo National Park. It’s a pride of Indonesia. You can start your journey from Labuan Bajo. In order to reach the park, it takes up to 10 hours. Make sure that you have made a preparation. These include hiking shoes, comfy clothes, swimsuits, etc. Don’t forget to bring bottled water. The temperature is quite hot. You are exploring a tropical island, after all. You should be prepared.

Overall, Komodo Island is worth a visit. It’s always crowded during peak seasons. It’s your opportunity to witness the largest lizard in the world. There’s also the Pink Beach. It’s a hideout for tourists. It’s the place to relax and chill. In the end, you can get rid of your stresses. Do you like snorkeling? Great! You may enjoy a beautiful underwater scene like clown fishes, corals, and much more. You won’t miss this chance, will you? Komodo Island should be on your list of vacation destinations.


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