Don’t Just Sit There! It’s Time to Visit Indonesia – Krakatoa Volcano

visit indonesia - krakatoa volcano

Krakatoa Volcano

Do you have a plan to visit indonesia? Many provinces offer great places to visit. For instance, you can visit Banten. It’s considered as a young province. It’s located in West Java and you can reach it from Jakarta. Driving an hour from the capital of Indonesia to Banten isn’t tiring at all. Banten is a small but appealing region. Among many tourist spots, Krakatoa Volcano is one of the best options. Almost all people around the world have ever heard about this notorious mountain. It caused havoc in the past. Today, it becomes one of the best sites for sightseeing.


About Krakatoa Volcano

Even though Krakatoa Mountain belongs to another province, you can reach it from Banten. The fact is that Krakatoa is still active. It’s situated between Java and Sumatra Island.  It erupted in 1883 and caused devastating effects. The fine ashes reached New York City and the tsunami waves even reached other nations including America Coast. During that time, Krakatoa killed many living beings around it. The vanishing of such enormous volcano gave birth to Krakatoa’s Child. It’s the volcano mountain that people can see today. From Banten, you are able to see this active volcano clearly. Not to mention you are able to take a boat trip to such location. What a worthy vacation!

visit indonesia - krakatoa

visit indonesia – krakatoa

The exact location of Krakatoa volcano is in the mid of Sunda strait. You can reach it from Carita or Anyer beach. No worries. You only need to spend 2 hours cruising on a boat. It’s slower if you take a diesel boat, though. Around the Krakatoa, you may find 3 islands. These small islands occurred once the previous Krakatoa erupted. There are also some lagoons nearby. Needless to say, you can find reef fishes such as red snapper, giant trivially, and much more. What about spending a vacation by fishing in this location? You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Krakatoa. It’s so jaw-dropping.


Things to Do

Do you like diving, by any chance? Well, you are lucky. Wake up now to visit Indonesia :). The Sunda strait becomes your perfect spot to dive. That means you can enjoy marine life around Krakatoa volcano. Many divers feel encouraged to explore caverns, black shapes, and other spots nearby. The dive sites are even much alive. Thanks to various fishes swimming around here. The visibility is also good. You can enjoy a fine diving from 11-19 meters. Sometimes, you can see reef white-tip sharks. Not to mention there are many other fishes like emperor angelfish and more. Once you dive deeper, the visibility drops gradually. There are reef black-tip sharks on the bottom.

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Banten was established as one of the provinces in Indonesia in 2000. Apart from Krakatoa volcano, you can visit other interesting places such as Anyer and Carita beach. Anyer is indeed a famous tourist spot in Banten. You can conduct many things here. These include speed banana boating, windsurfing, and much more. There’s also a fishing competition. What about Carita beach? It’s famous due to its natural scenery. The beach comes with small waves. The best part is Ujung Kulon. You can see Krakatoa volcano plainly here. What great reason to visit indonesia.

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