Lake Toba Sumatra – A Renowned Tourist Destination

Indonesia tour package Lake Toba Sumatra

Indonesia tour package – Lake Toba Sumatra (picture source:

A Renowned Tourist Destination in North Sumatra – Lake Toba Sumatra

Lake Toba Sumatra .. ? Water tourism is one of Indonesia’s top attractions. North Sumatra should be in the list of your vacation goals. Some of one might ask what the best thing about such province. Well, you must have heard a famous lake called Toba Lake. Many tourist agencies offer an Indonesia tour package. Why? They have realized that more visitors are coming here. The world recognizes the lake as one of the biggest lakes on the planet. The lake is situated in the middle of beautiful nature. As a traveler, you must visit this lake someday. In this article, you are going to learn more about the lake.


About Lake Toba Sumatra

Toba Lake is situated in Medan city. It’s the biggest lake in Indonesia. As a matter of fact, it’s the largest volcanic lake in Southeast Asia. Here’s the unique part. There’s a small island situated in the midst of the lake. The name is Samosir Island. In terms of size, the lake is even bigger than Singapore country. According to history, the lake was formed due to a volcanic eruption. It happened thousands of years ago. Toba Lake is the pride of Medan. It also becomes the most efficient tourist bait. Thanks to the lake. More visitors come to Medan every day.

Indonesia tour package-Toba Lake

Indonesia tour package – Toba Lake (soure from

As mentioned earlier, there’s Samosir Island in the midst of Toba Lake. Indonesia tour package often combines both of these tourist attractions together. In order to reach the island, you need to cross the lake by a boat. Once you reach the island, you can meet local people. They are Batak tribe. Here you can learn the culture and traditional way of living of the indigenous. Toba Lake has a terrible history. There was a great volcano. The name was Mount Toba. It erupted and caused lots of casualties. The disaster had affected the civilization nearby.


More Information

Since Lake Toba Sumatra has an enormous size, it’s considered a sea by some people. It’s the second largest lake in the world. The biggest one is Victoria Lake in Africa continent. Apart from being one of the largest lakes on the planet, it’s also considered one of the deepest. It’s about 460 meters in depth. Your vacation is incomplete without visiting Samosir Island. You can find hot springs as well. However, you aren’t allowed to bath. You can wash your hands here, though. The fee to enter this location is around 10,000 IDR. It’s cheap, isn’t it? For foreigners, the cost can be higher.

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Lake Toba Sumatra is a good location to relax. The water is warm and the scenery is beautiful. What a great atmosphere for a vacation. You can also conduct an overnight party on this location. As long as you have enough participants, you are ready to go. As a complementary item during the trip, you can buy some books at the local stores. Reading a book and enjoying the breeze of Toba Lake are just great. Not to mention you can enjoy the traditional Batak Dance. Usually, it’s performed in some local eateries. Do you want to get your Indonesia tour package now?

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