An Indonesia Travel Guide to Ambarawa – Central Java

Indonesia Travel Guide - ambarawa


Central Java consists of many cities. Ambarawa is one of them. Before going to this city, you need an Indonesia travel guide. First things first, you must know your destinations. The most famous thing in Ambarawa is the train station museum. The government promotes is for observation, recreational, enlightening, and study purposes. Inside the museum, you can find some old communication devices. There are other antique items like a typewriter, telegraph device, ticketing machine, and others. Simply put, you can see ancient technology devices here. There are also 21 steam locomotives around the museum. This is a great place for train lovers.

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Indonesia Travel Guide - Ambarawa train station Museum

Indonesia Travel Guide – Ambarawa train station Museum


First Things to Know

Apart from the train station museum, you can enjoy the nature. Ambarawa is surrounded by beautiful sceneries. There are mountains and swamps. The most famous one is Rawa Pening. The view is amazing and the ambiance is nice. If you decide to spend several days in Ambarawa, you should find a place to stay right away. There are many tour agents on the internet. Once you take care of the hotel, you must find some locations to visit. Ambarawa offers many tourist destinations. It isn’t only about the train station museum. For example, there’s Kampoeng Rawa. It’s a famous tourist attraction in Ambarawa.

Indonesia Travel Guide - Kampoeng Rawa

Kampoeng Rawa

According to an Indonesia travel guide, Kampoeng Rawa is situated near to Rawa Pening Lake. It becomes a tourist destination since 2012. In the past, it’s managed by fishermen and farmers. They had a goal to increase the welfare of their community. Fortunately, this kind of promotion runs well. Today, you can enjoy numerous facilities like a crafts center, a floating restaurant, a fishing area, and much more. During holidays, you will meet lots of visitors here. No worries. It’s reachable from anywhere. It’s only 2.9 km away from southern part of Ambarawa. Once you reach the location, you can see lots of beautiful scenes including Mount Telomoyo and Merbabu.


The Floating Restaurant

The most interesting part of Kampoeng Rawa is the floating restaurant. It’s floating on the lake. Inside, you can enjoy Indonesian traditional foods. Most tourists order catfish, tilapia, and gourami dishes. What about you? This can be the perfect place to try local foods. There is also fried rice. It’s quite popular among foreign visitors. The lunch becomes more interesting as you eat while on a floating restaurant. In the midst of Kampoeng Rawa, there’s the craft center. Local people often conduct special events here. This is also a good place to conduct a wedding. If you are lucky, you can see some art performances.


Finding the Best Time to Go Ambarawa

Now you have been ready to visit Ambarawa. With an ample Indonesia travel guide, you are ready to go. Here’s another thing. You must know the perfect time to visit this city. recommends May-September as the best time to visit Indonesia. It’s also best not to visit Ambarawa during holidays or weekends. If you are looking for local hotels, there are some resorts in Bandungan. It only takes 10 minutes. If you have much time, you can visit local markets. Don’t forget to buy fresh fruits in these markets.

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