Travel in Indonesia – Cangkuang Temple in West Java

wonderful Indonesia - Cangkuang Temple in West Java

Cangkuang Temple in West Java

An Incredible Travel in Indonesia – Cangkuang Temple in West Java

A wonderful Indonesia consists of both fun and unforgettable experience. The country has more than 17K islands. One of the most famous islands is Java. It’s the heartland of Indonesia. West Java is the largest one. It’s the most populated province in Java. West Java is situated in the west part of Java Island. The local people call themselves as Sundanese. The province also has many tourist destinations. One of them is the Cangkuang Temple. It’s a beautiful Hindu temple.

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Visiting the Temple

You can reach the temple from Tarogong. It’s in the north part of Bandung. Most of the tourists use a traditional transportation to go to the temple. The name is delman. It’s a unique transportation pulled by a horse. Cangkuang temple is a unique tourist destination. It’s located in the midst of a lake. It was built during the reign of Galuh Kingdom. If you come near to the temple, you can find a tomb of a Mataram soldier. The name is Arif Muhammad.

Tourism in wonderful Indonesia offers various destinations. West Java is proud of its Cangkuang Temple and other tourist sites. There’s also Kampung Pulo near to the temple. It’s a traditional village. In order to reach the temple, tourists should ride a bamboo raft to the midst of the lake. It’s an excellent experience for all the tourists. The temple also has an interesting history. The name was derived from a name of a tree. It’s Cangkuang tree. It’s a local tree of the Cangkuang village.

In the past, Cangkuang Temple wasn’t a tourism destination. Local people used the temple for praying. There’s a tomb of M. Arief. He was the founder of the village. There were reconstruction and restoration process in 1974. The process was successful. However, there wasn’t more than 50% of the original stone. The government also used artificial rocks to complete the reconstruction process. It was in 1976. Now it becomes a beautiful vacation destination in West Java. More tourists come to this place.


Cangkuang is A Unique Hindu Temple in West Java

Cangkuang Temple is a top tourist destination in Garut. There aren’t many reliefs inside the temple. The size is a little bit smaller than other Hindu temples. Once you enter the temple, you may find a Shiva statue. The tall is 40 cm. Apart from this wonderful Indonesia temple, you can enjoy other destinations. A unique part is the combination of Muslim and Hindu heritage. Near to the temple, there’s a famous Muslim tomb. Islam religion spreads among the community. In the past, most of the local people were Hindu.

Overall, West Java has many tourist destinations. Cangkuang Temple is only one of them. It’s suitable for those who look for a solemn vacation experience. It can be your family vacation. Apart from Kampung Pulo, you can also visit Katanda Island, Wedus Island, etc. The best time to visit the temple is during the dry season. You don’t want to get wet due to the rainy season, do you? Cangkuang Temple is a wonderful Indonesia tourism for you. Don’t spoil the opportunity. Make sure you find a good tourist agent, too.

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