Travelling to South Kalimantan – Agung Temple

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tour Indonesia - Agung Temple

Agung Temple

An amazing tour Indonesia gives a memorable experience for everyone. What about you? If you don’t have a reference, you can start with South Kalimantan. This is one of the provinces in Indonesia. It’s part of Borneo Island. Here you can find Banjar tribe. The prime tribes of South Kalimantan are Batang Banyu, Banjar Pahuluan, and Kuala Banjar. The capital of this province is Banjarmasin. What about the tourism destination? Well, you can enjoy Mount Meratus and other interesting tourist spots. The pride of South Kalimantan lies on the nature tourism. These include lakes, rivers, and mountains. Apart from these, you can visit Agung Temple / Agung Amuntai Temple.

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About the Temple

 South Kalimantan is also famous for culture and arts. Agung Amuntai Temple is worth a try. What is it, exactly? It’s a Hindu Temple. The temple has been a good place to spend a vacation. Here you can find the relics of Nagara Dipa Kingdom. It’s located in Hulu Sungai Utara. The builder of the temple was Ampu Jatmika. Nagara Dipa is the big Hindu Kingdom. It’s situated in three streams of Banjar. The ruler was Prince Suryanata. As time went by, the kingdom turned into Amuntai City. Since the temple was built in the 14th century, it’s old enough.

tour Indonesia - Agung Temple

tour Indonesia – Agung Temple

Many tourists perform a tour Indonesia to learn some culture. Agung Temple is an excellent destination. The temple was made of both wood and stone. It remains sturdy and durable. Once you enter the temple, there are some antique relics from the old era. The temple was built using old rocks. These are similar to the regular brick. However, they are more powerful and heavier. Agung Temple is a perfect location to learn some history about the Nagara Dipa Kingdom. The local guide will tell you about the story. Don’t forget to give him or her tip.


Visiting Agung Temple

Agung Temple is suitable either to learn culture or mere recreation. Local people visit the temple for worshiping. There are ancient tombs in this area. It will be a nice place to take memorable pictures. For those who visit Amuntai, don’t forget to go to this amazing temple. In terms of appearance, the temple seems different than Javanese shrines. Thanks to Agung Temple. More tourists come to see it. What about you? Are you intrigued? Before going to Amuntai, you should learn the climate of Borneo Island. Basically, Kalimantan is a tropical island. It’s both humid and hot. The fact is that it also has a very high rainfall.

When it comes to the best time to visit Indonesia and Kalimantan, you can go between September and March. Why? The temperatures are calmer. You will be comfortable while spending a tour Indonesia. Once you enjoy the tour at the temple, you can continue your vacation in some villages nearby. Banjar people are friendly. The tour guide will help you communicate with these people. Local people live along the river. It’s an interesting experience to witness their way of life. It’s different than yours, isn’t it? Overall, a trip to South Kalimantan is a distinct experience for everyone. You should try it some time.

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