Trekking in a Famous Mountain in Lombok, Mount Rinjani

mount rinjani - segara anak lake

mount rinjani – segara anak lake

Indonesia is the home of many volcanoes. The second highest volcano is Rinjani. It becomes an icon of Lombok Island.  The mountain is famous among trekkers. They come from local regions and other countries. Trekking is the most popular thing to do in Mount Rinjani. Are you interested? No worries. There are some porters available. They are ready to help you. Their job is to carry your belongings and supplies while hiking the mountain. The question is what you can see in this area.

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Things to See in Mount Rinjani

What can tourists see here? The most attractive thing is the crater lake of Segara Anak. There’s also famous hot springs. The name is Aik Kalak. Do you want to witness a unique ceremony? There’s the Mulang Pakelem. It’s actually a yearly Hindu ceremony. It’s conducted in the Crater Lake. Local people had been practicing this ritual since the 18th century. The lake is quite sacred. Many pilgrims pray and site near to the lake. You can either see or join them.

Near to Mount Rinjani, you can find Susu Cave. It’s one of the most famous caves in this location. The others are Gua Manik and Gua Payung. These attractions are indeed tempting. However, you shouldn’t forget your main goal. It’s to climb the mountain. Rinjani is suitable for both beginners and expert climbers. As long as you are in a good physical condition, you are ready to go. Also, never overlook the safety procedures. Some people have injured here. Ignorance means death. Make sure that you have made preparations.

You can choose either to reach the summit of the mountain or at the crater rim. Both are worth a visit. At the crater rim, you can find the famous Crater Lake. The view is quite astonishing here. It takes more 1,000 m to reach the summit. Not to mention it takes more energy. Make sure you are prepared. It will be one of the most challenging experiences of yours. An approximate duration to reach the summit is 2 days and 1 night.


Mount Rinjani is challenging

The entrance fee is about 150,000 IDR. Sometimes, you get discounted prices. For many, it isn’t an expensive price. One thing, you shouldn’t go alone. The Mount Rinjani is too dangerous for newbies. The safest way is to join an organized trek. In fact, it’s the most famous program for tourists. Whether you are a professional trekker or not, you must never go alone. You don’t want to risk your life, do you? It’s better to follow the instructions and regulations properly.

The HPI gives certification to local porters and guides. This way, tourists are able to climb Mount Rinjani safely. Still, accidents and fatalities do occur. You must pay attention to your steps. Make sure that you are in a good condition. Tiredness and sickness become two major causes of problems. If necessary, you need to learn more about hiking. Well-educated hikers are as good as experienced hikers. On top of that, the help of professional guides is also important. Make sure you follow their instructions!

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